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Winning design #121 by hongxia, Logo Design for Noovo technology company needs a logo Contest
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designed by hongxia

Project description

Hello designers, We are a medium sized technology company looking to launch a new consumer brand "Noovo" for electronics consumer products (multimedia, entertainment, phone and computer accessories and more).. We have developed a wide range of product lines of which included an unrivaled solution to transmit the over the air DTV to mobile devices through Wi-Fi. This particular product line gives our customers the freedom to enjoy their TV programs anywhere and at any time on their smartphone, tablet and computer. - Market: Consumer electronics - Innovation - High tech - “Improve user” life (entertainment, Fun, convenient, practical for home, outdoor, automotive..) The logo should be unique, original, and memorable. There is no color restriction and you could consider to include the use of the "O" as a design element. Please DO NOT incorporate any TV or Wi-Fi design element into the logo. It should be treated as a brand logo not a product line logo. It will be trademarked so it needs to have the ® next to the logo. “noovo” comes from the latin “novus” “nova” “novum” also present in many Latin languages (French, Spanish, Italian..). We look forward to seeing your creative designs. Thankz.

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  • Dear CH, I have submitted my first design idea, #16..... thank you, DM
  • Please let me know what you think about my designs: #12 and #13 so I can make changes according to your taste. Regards.
  • Hi! #11 is more serious. The lines over the O's are English diacritical marks for "OO" as in "new" and "O" as in "oh", to pronounce "new-voh." If you have any color preferences, please let me know. Thanks!
  • Hi. I've submitted #5 ... a little outside the box ... eyes looking to the side (since your focus seems to be technology that enhances TV viewing). If you're looking for a more serious tone, please let me know, and I'll work up something else. Thanks.
  • Hello, #42 represents my idea which can be modified as well as it is my first submission in this marketplace.
  • Thank you. I like the effect on the O but the rest is standard. The logotype should combine more letters.
  • Thank you. I like how you play with the letters but it becomes rather unreadable for users
  • Thank you. It's nice but would be better for a PCB company
  • Thank you. It's a little too round looking. Can you try to modify?
  • Thank you. It's a good idea but too fun for a high tech company.
  • also, the straight design (aggressive) looks high-tech in contrast with the O (round) which looks more fun for entertainment, would like to see more development on this idea.
  • Thank you. I like how you played with the N but would like to see same effect on the V.
  • Thank you. I would like to see more logo playing with the O as we have three of them. earth like, or RGB like
  • OMG! I accidentally eliminated your entry, could you please submit the design again? Thank you for the design but can you try to apply the effect on N instead of V?
  • Thank you PaintedPony, We like the style but can you try to apply the effect on N instead of V? look forward to seeing your new design, thankz!
  • Hi CH, any feedback regarding my entries? (#78 #79 #80 #81) Thanks, Moh
  • dtz
    #77 Hi here is my proposition. Idea is about movement and connection shown by ligne of letters and also about difference of level. It include the impression of constant progress and development of brand and technology.. But whole logo is clear and quite modern... Colors can be change as your wish.. Sorry for my english.. waiting on your comments Thanks
  • Dear CH, please share some feedback regarding my efforts, #71, #72. thanks
  • Hi CH, Here is my concept and ideas. Please check my entries #223, #224, #226, #227, #228 and #229 Thanks Laturjack
  • was my mistake find #204 instead of #224.