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Winning design #280 by durgarchandran, Logo Design for NordHost Contest
Gold Medal

designed by durgarchandran

Project description

We will rebrand our company and needs a new professional logo for our services. We are in cloud and hosting industries.

Updated from 04th of December 2017:

- The name of the brand is NordHost.
- Prefer not to have the name or initials (NH) as a part of the logo itself.
- The name might be placed together with the final logo (as the logo itself might be used without the company name).
- Prefer not to have clouds/servers/network (or other cliches) as a part of the logo.
- The logo should be able to work from favicon to wall poster and websites.
- The colors we have selected is just to point in the correct direction. We are not locked on those colors.

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  • Hi nordhost
    Here are my first proposals #230 , #231 , #232
  • I hope it's worth your time and mine. #229
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  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #220
  • Hi ,

    The Icon is designed to be easily recognized and used independently.

    Tajudeen #181
  • These are brave times. The symbol i have chosen for NordHost is a viking ship. #164
  • Hope i'm in the right part of the world. The symbol is a Viking Ship. These are brave times. Now i know you said no "NordHost" and no "NH", so i've taken the creative liberty to incorporate an N and an H into the viking ship instead. Its very subtle. The last submission knocked the wind out of my sails, hope this one is going to cut it. Thanks again for the invite. #163
  • ear Project Owner (sorry, i didn't get your name), it is imperative that you understand the feedback that you provide, have a direct impact on the overall performance of the project. It is a reflection of how your potential customer will perceive your organisation in the long run, be it a logo, product or service. As time is of the essence, please be very precise. How you communicate with the designer is how you speak to your customer. If i've forgotten my manners, please allow me this opportunity to thank you for including us in the development of your brand. We have confirmation your search is for one (1) designer, appreciate it very much if you would please inform the rest of us to quickly move on. "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin". - Simon H.
    • @shaharuddinhon Hello. Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry that we are not responding to much on this contest, but we are overloaded at our end at the moment. I kindly advice all to read the brief we have created as most of the logos is containing the name "NordHost", and in the brief we have stated that we prefer not to have the name or initials (NH) as a part of our logo. And also we do not like to have clouds, servers, or other equipment as a part of the logo. :-) Good luck!

  • Hello. Please read the updated brief where we have stated:

    "Prefer not to have the name or initials (NH) as a part of the logo itself." #147
  • And note that any suggestions before #146 was added with our previous contest brief, so any new suggestions should not look like the old ones.
  • We did updated our brief as we where not entirely satisfied with the submissions. We are open for 7 days more to submit your suggestions. Thanks.
  • @nordhost hope you like it. letter N for nordhost plus cloud. #140