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Winning design #69 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Nordvest Tak Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

We are a new company that need a logo. We are a company that remaking roof for private customers. The company is in the northwest of Norway. From there the company name come, Nordvest=Northwest Tak=Roof In the northvest we can have all type of weather in the same day , from heavy vind, to snow, to sun, almost on same time. We want the logo to be macho and clean, we see for us picture of bad weather on ours website and on our cars and banners.

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    • Hello! I want the logo to be more simple and clean, so it fits better to print. We want to use picture in our branding too, so the logo can not take to much place. Morten

  • Hi Morten, Design #7 and #9 is for your consideration. Hope for the better result. Regards...
  • Hi Morten, Thank you for the rating. Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Thanks! Dana
    • Hey!! As i wrote in the brief we will use the logo also on pictures. The pictures will be dark/grey... Our cars will have full photo print of bad weather. How will the logo works in black or white also. I like logos can been use too different things, and some times the colors dont fit in... What do you think? Morten

    • Thanks for the reply, I completely agree! it's very important that a logo will fit for everything.. Please check #8, I think it looks good on a dark background, what do you think? Thanks!

  • Hello Morten, Design #3 is for your attention. I tried to show how the roof is safe from weather. Please provide me feedback, if the idea suits you. Kind Regards...
    • Hello! I want the logo to be more simple and clean, so it fits better to print. We want to use picture in our branding too, so the logo can not take to much place. Morten

    • Ok.. I will make another design for you soon. Well thanks for your feedback. Hey feel like the logo is not there.. just the name with hut?

  • I like this logo more and more :-) Can you just fore curious try to do some different things with the "O". Can you also try to putt ".no" behind logo in the bottom.
    • No problem... Please check #40 with the ".no", and I will work on more variations with the "O". Thanks!

    • Hi again! In #44 I made the O so it looks a bit like a house with a roof and also a bit like a compass pointing to the northwest. Hope you'll like it...

  • I like this style :-) Think it will look very good on print and cars. Like that the logo can be use two ways. Specially as a web address also. M
    • Thanks! I'm glad you like it. If you have any changes you would like to make, just let me know.

  • CDS
    About #20 the icon is made up of 1] a roof, 2] an arrow pointing northwest that doubles as a window with a cast shadow, and 3] a circle representing complete coverage and protection...the name is in a strong san serif face that's been customized to add a northwest arrow in the 'O' and the cross member in the 'A' removed to create a roof...a design must first work in SOLID black & white with any color added as needed...a clean, simple and strong design with an icon that can stand alone...thanks & take care, CDS
  • please be original, your entry using the "ts" is a unique idea already used
  • your entry is too much like entry 1, please be original
  • designers...using the two "T's" to form the roof is a unique idea by the first designer to submit this. You are not allowed to copy this unique idea, please be original and come up with your own ideas
  • your entry is too much like entry 1
  • Hi! I like the style and cleanness. But how will it fit on a car? It looks great on print and business card. It`s very good. Morten
    • |--|

      morten {*wrote*}:
      Hi! I like the style and cleanness. But how will it fit on a car? It looks great on print and business card. It`s very good. Morten
      |--| Hello Morten, I'm very glad You like my design. I think it want be a problem to fit the logo on car. Where would You put it on the car? On the side or front? I will try to put it on some car template to see how it fits. Thanks again, Erika P.S. Templates are not allowed unless the Contest Holder ask for it, so I'm sorry about my previous comment about the template :) I think this logo fit Your requirement regarding the car. Erika

  • Hi! Can you try two things on #40. We want to see it in blue, and if you can try to make the ".no" with the same type of "O" you have in Nordvest. Try also just the "O" in #40
    • Sure! Please check #55 in blue and #56 with two options of the "O". I'm sorry but I didn't understand what you mean by "Try also just the "O" in #40". Can you explain to me? Thanks!

    • You did what I mean in #56 :-)

    • oh, cool... :) Please let me know if you would like to see anything else. Thanks!

  • Hello! Can you also try to make it like a web address! With ".no" on the grey.
    • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. Please check #61

  • Hi! It is a norwegian broadcast company that have a white "N" on red background, can you try some other color.
    • afm

      Yes,of course Morten. I'll try other colors.Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hello! Can you try it also with bigger font on "TAK"
  • Hi! Can you try to make it in in blue and green also
  • SzH
    Dear CH, I submitted #64 and #65. I hope you like it! Let me know if you have any suggestions. Best regards, SzH
  • Hello dear contest holder. With a modern design concept and stylized, the use of a signature present in the logo with a font that conveys experience, professionalism and safety in the provision of services. This is a different logo concept that seeks to differentiate what we see today. Strengthening by signing a class a little more elitist. In order to create a new concept and distinguished from common, assuming a posture that will make your image identity have a high retention rate. (sorry if I ran a little to the briefing, but I ventured not to win this contest in search of a new concept) Best regards. (My entries are: #121, #122, #123 and #124.