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Winning design #126 by daedalus, Logo Design for North Shore Plumbing & Heating Contest
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designed by daedalus

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my plumbing company to use on my trucks, letterhead, shirts, and business cards. I was leaning towards the emblem, and letterform designs or even an abstract design but i am open to all and any suggestions. I am not sure or set on any specific design. I'd like to some how work the name North Shore or use the beginning letters N or S into the design such as letterform. I have extended this contest because i didn't specify this last time but I'd like the name or letters incorporated in the design but do not want them to be the focus of my logo I'm not looking for NSP to overpower my company name. My company works mostly on new high end homes so I would like my logo to be very professional, simple and clean looking no bright colors nothing playful i'd prefer darker shades of reds, blues, grays, silvers, or black. I'm looking for something to separate my company logo from every other plumbing company logo out there. Definitely no little men with pipe wrenches on there shoulder... I look forward to seeing everybody's designs thanks.

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  • Hi, Design #6 is for your feedback to improve it mush more. Thanks...
    • Hi, Could we try changing the font and i like the symbol but feel its a little hard to make out the letters possible to tweak them a little?

    • Hi Rich, Thanks to give me feedback and rating. Working to make this design better for you. Will present in a hour. Regards..

  • Hello CH, could you please take a look at my #9 design and let me know what you think?
    • I think the symbol needs to be changed feel that it doesn't represent plumbing and heating could you come up with a couple more thanks

  • Maybe is a good for you #27 only text with flame of water and fire, I think that maybe it can goes on a truck, what you think, thnx.
    • Hi, I'd like something with a little more detail it looks clean but I'd like the logo to stand out a bit more thanks

  • Hi, Could you add some colors and move the plumbing and heating to underneath the north shore I'd like to see how that would look, thanks
    • About #31 Revisions made as requested. I am thinking to make your service bigger than North Shore. I will upload this shortly.. #32 Thank You

    • About #43 Refined colors and added little details. Pleasure to hear your thoughts. Thank You

  • Hallo, i just uploaded my entries: #47 #48 #49. Check them out, and tell me what you think, please. Thank you very much.
  • Hello CH, Could you leave me some feedback on my #61? Thank you
  • To the contest holder please check my new entry #44.
  • could you please take a look at my #55 design and let me know what you think?
  • could you please take a look at my #54 design and let me know what you think?
  • Feedback on my entry #50 would be great. it was a pleasure designing a logo for you.
  • To the contest holder please take a look #44 & #74 give some feedback please.
  • Sorry, your entry found to have copied clipart elements; source:
  • Hi Rich, Design #71 is for your consideration. Hope it will be more closer to you. Need feedback to improve it much more. Regards...
  • Hi, thanks for rating but can you comment about #22 design and direction that will good for you.
  • Hi, please comment also #78. I am open to suggestion.
  • Hi Rich, Design #108 #109 #110 and #112 with some modification and changes, are for your consideration. Hope it will be much closer to you. Need feedback to improve it more, if needed. Kind Regards...
  • hi how are you? please see #91 #92 #93 thanks best regards bonet
  • Hi, I submitted design #95 could you give some feedback?
  • I really like this I wanted to know if you could tweak the n and s a little bit so you see it a little clearer and make it out rite away and is there any way you can mix a flame in with that water drop let me know thanks
  • we arrived at the edge of madness ... really scream scandal!