northeast illuminating

website is great researched several other website this one seemed the most reasonable price and with all the input they allow you to put in it really gives you the perfect design. awesome website will defiantly use again.


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Winning design #28 by mohit, Logo Design for northeast illuminating Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mohit

Project description

we are looking for a picture logo to replace our current witch is the leaf with plug we would like to keep the rest and just replace that. We are a lighting company that specialize in better lighting while saving money.

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  • Like this one would like of the leaf was in the back round and went up instead.
  • It's close but the lights look like led's.
  • DM3
    Hello CH, I submitted #9 for you to review. Let me know if it's close to what you're looking for. thanks.
  • I like this one but we are more about four foot fluorescents so if you can do a similar design with a leaf I would like to see that.
  • The apostrophe are not important we like the way the wording looks like that. Thanks for your input.
  • WJK
    Hello, I haven't made an entry yet, but I just wanted to check whether the omission of the possessive apostrophe from 'Todays' and 'Tomorrows' is deliberate, or whether an apostrophe should be added (an advisable move that would make it grammatically correct). Regards, WJK
  • Can the leaf resemble more of a globe/leaf combo?
  • Dear CH So many thanks for your kind ratings. Did you need any modification in this design Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • can you just fix todays product tomorrows planet to Today's Products. Tomorrows Planet in gray please and spell it the way i did thanks.
  • About #24 & #25 Dear CH So many thanks for your kind Feedback Here is my revision for you If you need any modification Please let me know. Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • If you can just fix todays products. Tomorrows Planet and the blue over the leaf if u can put a glove design in there as of now this one is first on our list.
  • Dear CH I just resubmitted the design pleas check it. Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • change the words back to grey.
  • Dear vmadia, First of all thank you very much for selecting my design as winner. It was a great pleasure for me to work with you. I am very thankful to you for your helpful and kind suggestions without which this design would not have been perfect. I wish you and Northeast Illuminating to a great success in future. Always ready to serve you in future too. I already Upload the source file. Please check & confirm that everything is OK to you If you need any thing else please let me know. Thanks a lot again! :) Regards Mohit
  • one last thing i need you to spell Tomorrow's like this and thats it buddy thanks for the design it is perfect.
  • can you send me this one with todays products. tomorrows planet in green. leave the rest the same just change that. thank you
  • About #28, #29 & #30 Dear CH So many thanks for your kind Feedback Here is my revision for you If you need any modification Please let me know. Thanks & Regards Mohit