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Winning design #68 by friendnand, Logo Design for NovelNetwork  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by friendnand

Project description

NovelNetwork is a membership based website designed to help authors connect with readers. Through an innovative platform book clubs can search through a directory of authors to schedule meetings and privately chat with them.

The company's goal is to create a more innovative and simpler way to bring authors and readers together, making the reading experience even more magical.

One potential starting point is to try and make the logo invoke a sense of a literary community.

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  • About #68, @friendnand I think there was a confusion on commenting on this design, I DO still like it and just wanted to see the interior "N" with different pens (or maybe a pencil sketch) or just a classic N not made out of pen tips at all. So sorry about the confusion!!!
    • About #68, @susanmcbeth no, it's fine with me. it's good to hear some directions. it really helps a lot. if it came not good, it's still okay, at least we tried to see what they look like & figure it out. i think the pencil won't work well either, 'cause it would also look like a sketchbook, right? i don't know what you meant with classic N though. there's a lot also, but i can try submit it. but it would be better if you can give some specific fonts. thank you :)

    • @susanmcbeth hi, i tried to catch up, but didn't make it. sorry. but, thanks :)

  • Here book indicate as Novel, and pencil indicate as Network. Feel free to inform me, if you need any changes. Thanks #163
  • Need anything please reply. #146
  • The hexagonal with the circle mean a network #144
  • revision #109 add Bookmark....thnks #139
  • revision #109 add Bookmark....thnks #138
  • Hey I still really like this design! Can I see it in black with the bookmark in red? And in the bottom righthand corner a line that looks like a book pages? #62
    • About #62, @susanmcbeth Please check #137 where there are 4 alternatives with different details in bottom right corner section.

  • I like the integration of the many elements, but it's a little too complex. #90
    • About #90, @susanmcbeth , yes, it's your call. i just tried. you have a lot of choices, so i respect that. anything you choose you think satisfies your target, then be it. i agree with that :) thank you

  • Love that you've implemented many different concepts into this design! #110
  • Dear,
    Please find my design, i hope you will like that.
    if you need any changes, please feel free to suggest.

    Looking forward for your valuable feedback.

    Thanks #135
  • letter N incorporated with book and network #129
  • Letter "N" is incorporated with book #128
  • how abaut this #126
  • About #120, @hanief23 I like this a lot; thank you for offering an alternative in black
  • About #125, @art_o Thank you for your submission. This is unique, but I'm not sure how the bird relates to our mission?
  • Give your feedback. #112
  • About #96, @mehsugeh Interesting and unique idea, so thank you for that. Can I see it in black and red please
    • About #96, @susanmcbeth Ok, I will make in black and red.

  • revision #99 Thnks #109
  • revision #99 Thnks #108
  • About #105, @ucil146 Thank you for your submission. While I like the general idea of this design, I need it to be more clean and crisp, and also omit the yellow as we wish to stay with a red and black palette.
    • About #105, @susanmcbeth okay thanks for assessing my design, I'll fix it for the better