We have been very satisfied with the results and especially with our logo for "nu:paq". Thanks to all the designers who submitted their designs and also for their patience, because we requested quite some changes. We will use this service again!


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Winning design #74 by finestroke, Logo Design for nu:paq Contest
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designed by finestroke

Project description

First of all: you do not have to follow the brief word by word (apart from the name nu:paq and Eat! Drink! Love!) We are completely open to any creative idea. No capital letters in nu:paq!!! We right-size (quantity) and (re)design drink and food packages and also produce the "right-sized" food. Example: We design a 100 ml wine-bottle, produce the bottle, buy the wine, fill the bottle and sell it to supermarkets etc. Our main business for the time being is alcoholic beverages, mainly wine. Nevertheless, in the future, it can also be food. Basically what we do, the right quantity for a specific situation. nu:paq stands for „nutrition“, „new“, „pack-aging". All we do is about Eat! Drink! and we Love! what we do. Eat! Drink! Love! (as text) has to be included in the logo. The colors we have in mind are derived from the picture "flavor network" - but feel free to chose other colors. The picture (flavor network) shows the analysis of the network of links between the ingredients and flavours in some 56,000 recipes from three online recipe sites. Flavours are a very important part of what we do. The idea is to have a „reduced form“ of this picture included in the or as the logo. But if you have another creative idea, feel free to go for it. I have deleted symbol.pdf and nupaq.pdf (refered to in the comments) since we had the feeling that it is a restriction on new ideas

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  • dear ch, Thinkin out side the box here, pls check my #6 logo design entry. Im so wanna stick to the packaging service that you are catering, not just on wine packing but on other else that you are planning in the future, so this design concept is within that scope. conceptualizing is a bit of a challenge and time consuming. but its worth the effort looking at this completion. With the vision of ORIGINALITY, this mark is an abstract object forming a box, and by adding a stem and a leaf it looked like a fruit. This is to stress out, that you are packing nutrition. The LEAF represents NUTRITION and the BOX represents PACKAGING, to complement i color the box red. The logo is presented minimally, neatness is the goal. I provided you with a full colored preview, white preview with black background and a white preview with green background to show the flexibility of the design. i hope you like this concept and appreciate the thought. thank you. Best regards, FineStroke
  • sorry, we don´t like it...
  • the dots and the connection lines are to filigreed in relation to the text... also try it without the shadow under the dots
  • I don´t like the font
  • could you do nu:paq in (zyan 41%, magenta 10%, yellow 95%, black 24%). make Eat! Drink! Love! dark and make a variation with Eat! Drink! Love! in between paq. for the flavor network pls have also a look at symbol.pdf in the brief.
  • I will post another suggestion in the brief - have a look at nupaq.pdf
  • like the idea using on of the dots as part of the flavor network - at the moment too playful - reduce the flavor network and use less colors in the text. we like a more minimalistic "cooler" design.
  • to me the same problem in blue. why not leave the circle away and reduce the dots even more?
  • no, with this grey logo it looks like we are in the space flight business... don´t like it this way
  • i can change the colour scheme and also the symbol for the flavour network if you don't like them. Tell me what do you think about it and if you would like me to make some changes I will. Thank you!
  • the grey "ball" is to dominant. In the center of interest is nu:paq. It needs to be smaller and more subtle...
  • the file symbol.pdf has been uploaded to the brief
  • for the symbol I will post you in the brief a picture - that you see in which direction we think that this could go. don´t feel obliged to go straight for it - I am sure you have another creative input to it
  • could you give me this also in green pls
  • text is "too bold" - something more elegant is needed
  • could you also try another font for the text (non sarif)
  • I have some problems with the leaf-stem growing out of the box. It is a bit to dominant and I am not sure if it conveys the thought of "new" packaging. The idea I still find interesting... Could you also place the text nu:paq next to the box (with Eat! Drink! Love!). The box is very good for Powerpoint Presentation Templates to be placed on every slide, or on front of a business card. But we also need the text.
  • getting there: could you make a variant with nu:paq in green (zyan 41%, magenta 10%, yellow 95%, black 24%) and reduce the size of the symbol a bit - it is a bit to dominat. I then have to discuss it with my partner an would give you feedback. the colors of the symbol an the appearance need further adjustments - but for the time being it`s enough to change the color of the text.
  • the flavor network is too playful , but the approach is good. You are the first including the "flavor cloud". Could you reduce it "to the max" just using circles etc. instead of the fruits. Pls use another font for nu:paq. A good style approach would be your winnig-design #49 "McCain"
  • dear CH, pls check my logo design entry #13, heres is the outcome from your direction. i hope you like it. thank you. im sorry for several posting, im just tryin to give you the best preview.