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Winning design #114 by GAKA, Logo Design for Nurd Surge, LLC Contest
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designed by GAKA

Project description

Technically Good is our slogan. Think out of the box and create a logo that's eye catching, creative and unique for us. One that customers will remember because it was different or made them think : )

***Please check out the uploaded document for some logos we like that have the creativeness we are looking for.***
Although we are professionals, we are laid back and don't like the Corporate America clean and crisp logos. We'd love if the logo could be a combination mark that uniquely and ambiguously  depict creative uniqueness with a hint of playfulness (hidden meaning or picture in a picture). We love figuring things out and solving businesses' technical issues. If you can capture that in the logo then that's IT. That style of logo would represent us perfectly............. Logo colors red and grey.  

We provide IT consulting,  network maintenance & management, and computer support services to small - medium businesses (25 - 100 employees). But don't design a traditional old school logo for us. Put your creative spark in it. Majority of our customers do not have full time IT staff or would like assistance from a certified professional from time to time.

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