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Winning design #297 by nvillegas, Logo Design for Nurture Me Play Contest
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designed by nvillegas

Project description

NEWCOMERS: My ultimate goal is for the logo to communicate NURTURE (love, relationship, bonding) and PLAY. I suggested a few ideas with "living organisms" and now we seem to be stuck on nature; not nurture! It just evolved that way and I can fully understand given some of my input and the age-old argument Nurture vs. Nature (although this is HUMAN NATURE we are talking, not plant life! And, don't get me wrong, I think nature is one of the BEST nurturing tools we have...but this is a TOY COMANY and while I will be working to create and facilitate engagements with get the idea...I've got enough trees!) What I'd really like is an ICON that will uniquely belong to NURTURE ME PLAY. Enjoy! LOGO CRITERIA • Somehow “speak” these two energies: Nurture & Play/Joy Energy • Work VERY SMALL (a.k.a. phone APP) • Have an image/icon that can stand alone to represent the company. • Fun, Loving, Magical, Intuitive Colors. MY COMPANY: A new Toy & Game Company selling products that are grounded in their ability to provide "NURTURE ENERGY and DIRECTON" as a result of engagement with the product. Toys and Games offered will serve to delight the spirit and encourage a healthy, supportive experience of FUN/PLAYFUL entertainment that encourages the player to honor what's inside; learn more about themselves; experience intuition; invite authentic ideas. In many, if not all cases, play will offer some sort of positive BONDING between two individuals. Further, engagement will offer the potential to build emotional intelligence and inspire the mind, body or spirit. Customers may be of ALL ages but most likely youth - but good for adult/child play. The logo will serve as the new company's CORPORATE LOGO and represent products that are playfully sophisticated and universally appealing!

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  • You may have discovered what to do with that bothersome little "me" in the name! Nice! I like the separation and how it gives a nod to "it's all about me" and further connects "nurture play" as an entity in and of itself. It doesn't leave me with a stand-alone visual for a logo though. hmmm? what to think of that?
  • thanks a lot dear Contest holder...i'll try to improve it! Jerome
  • The font isn't strong enough for me.
  • Like the FUN COLORS!!
  • The logo MUST represent PLAY and JOY first and foremost.
  • VERY NICE WORK! I see a subtle heart (love) a dancing person (playful and joyful) and it has a nice clean corporate feel. Also like how the circle comes around and the white becomes a "drop of magic". Wouldn't mind seeing a teeny bit more movement in the body of the humanoid! Not sure about the font? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT that you ended up with "NATURE" vs. "NURTURE" - isn't that always the quandry!!! Freudian? Subliminal? Thanks for the great effort!
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please review my new designs: #37, #38, #39, #40, #41. Please tell me if you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • These two characters are adorable! I would have to revise my thinking about a more juvenile look. But I am having fun thinking about their thoughts; they look so curious and trepadatious at the same time. Of course they want to go to the park like the very happy boy on the swing - but is it safe!
  • Ok. these little characters are adorable!! I would just have to come to terms with the "youngish" look. They do look curious and I like that - -- If we could read their minds: "Nurture - what is that? My parents are gone all the time. I want some of that! Will I get in trouble? But LOOK - Look how happy the boy on the swing is. Bet he got to go to the park while we were locked in the house. Where were Thing 1 and Thing 2 when we needed them?"
  • I did not have a good first reaction to the green coming through the legs of the body. Did he just get out of the shower? Is that a towel or is he riding the rail of a hotwheels track? I like the idea of a person (the me) being represented in the logo but I must say that I do grow weary of them as you seem to see them in SO many logos so it seems less original. I think the flower and house are cute. Still pondering but you asked for input so I'm offering up a little ....THX
  • ..hmm...starting to get a feeling of "chuckie cheese" or a game arcade.
  • very interesting...einstine. I am experiencing intrigue about the possible meaning of the symbol. I like the stacked letters and colors!
  • how difficult would it be to get nurture and play closer together? and maybe let the roots of the tree spread left and right
  • For EVERYONE! I SO appreciate everyone's contributions. Please remember from my brief that I really don't want the logo to look too juvenile. Play is important for ALL ages as well as the need for nurturing experiences and my products are designed to bring generations together. Further, I feel strongly about having some sort of UNIQUE IMAGE that can stand alone with power and representation for the company in the absence of the words - - and I'm starting to see a few of those. OK - not everyone can get a Nike win but I'd at least like to try! I want something that represents strength, security and joy created through bonding and emotional attachment. I'm also really liking the "extraction" of the ME in its various forms to allow for the name to also read Nurture Play. I really don't know what else to offer for inspiration. The first product I will roll-out is a FABULOUS drawing games that inspires and encourages. Players just can't believe what they are capable of and start craving the experience of the game. I've seen kids sit and play it for 3+ hours multiple nights in a row. My second product will be a stuffed animal that has unique qualities to support emotional bonding between individuals; really, of any age but especially children in pain for one reason or another. Then, it's an intuituve community building game, drama play...who knows what else will surface! Again, thanks for applying your talents!
  • Hi, logo design option 1 as your logo design brief requirement i create the artwork with enjoy play object with elegant font style & colour combination capture the elegant looking impact give me feedback for more improve the artwork Thank
  • CH, thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it greatly. And btw...after looking at my first design I sure does look like an out of place turnip!! hahahaaha. I was shooting for more of a heart growing on a vine...but no luck. LOL! I submitted a new version for your review. I added the recommended lotus flower in place of the child with ball to be the grounds for the word "me". Will await any additional feedback you may have! Thanks. :) Dina
  • So. Is it too much to suggest I'd like to see something more "holistic" with as much emphasis on the nurture as the play? When will the lotus flower surface?
  • LOVE the way PLAY jumps out at you! Very cute and personal way to handle "me". Still not wanting it to look juvenile so possibly character could look less toddler and more "universal" in age possibilities; especially with the building block nature of the word play.
  • I wonder - could the circle in this be enhanced to provide a signature visual for the logo without compromising the clean simplicity? Something to create movement and signify nurture play or humans in a joyful state ?
  • Maybe Ill draw something on the background ? Some toys?