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Winning design #70 by Kristina2912, Logo Design for Nw Affinity Dental -- Dental office Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kristina2912

Project description

We are redesigning our dental office logo and potentially the name of the practice.  Primarily we are moving towards a dandelion (or similar item that "spreads" seeds etc etc).

The practice is owned by a male dentist, so we dont necessarily want the design to be overly feminine in its styling or colors but "soft" is ok.

The premise is:

Our dental practice spreads/shares smiles in our community be providing quality care in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  I like the blue and greens from the previous design contest we did.

I did a quick sketch to get the ball rolling  ... 

I like:  the seed ... slowly turning for soft seed structure ... transforming into a more "smile" like graphic ... 
I like: the type of font that isnt overly feminine but has some smooth flow to it ... not set on that generic word doc font by any means.

I like the direction but not locked into the specifics of the design I penciled out.

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  • Hello! I made the change, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • I really like the stem on this one ... more than the stem in the extra photo I put in the brief ...

    but I like how spaced out the petals are in the brief photo I posted... and the spacing on the "flying" away seeds #17
  • I added another photo to the brief .... I know its short on time. Likely I would like to keep working with you on this to get it just right and since it was your primary design from the beginning .. I think we can get what I would like together. #18
  • @Michaudd . please check my entries . thanks ! #68
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  • @Michaudd . please check my entry . #61
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  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made the changes with different fonts, I hope that you will enjoy, if you need other changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina.
  • I like the density of the flower and tooth better in #15 ..

    could I see that design but with a few more "seeds" ... and designed like the additional photo I added to the brief ? #51
  • About #21, @Kristina2912

    I like this design ... I posted another photo of the type of "seed" clustering and spacing I like. In my photo all the stems are going the same direction because I just cut and pasted them ... but would like them a little different ....
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  • How about this? #52
  • Some really good ideas ...

    so far:

    I really like the dandelion and stem type from #15
    I like the font from #7
    I would like to see it with the dental under the affinity like I see in #45 ... also regular spread out as well
    I really like the tooth outlining and design like I see in #32
    I really like the way the petals transition into the smile like #32

    It would be great to bring those elements together ....
  • Looks good but its pretty much Kristina's design. I would rather stick with her if I decided to go this route. Any other ideas? #48
  • Please check, Thanks #48
  • Please check my design and give me feedback #47
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