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Really appreciated his work, communication and willingness to complete the project (including all my little tedious requests). I would certainly work with this designer again and feel confident that my project would be completed to a high level.

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Winning design #199 by RAMcreative, Logo Design for Nw Affinity Dental Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RAMcreative

Project description


These are very close to the base style I want.... Now just looking for little tweaks for variations : shading, colors, styling it to fit objects ... Pens, cups , uniforms, front door 

I'd like to see your design on the brick building ... The first set of horizontal bricks ... Not the top... 

Update:  it looks like I have this design direction pretty close... Still making some changes ... 

i like the darker green with the fading/shading features.

Like the lower case with only capital N and A.... The tooth / w ... Just slightly higher than the capitals ... The dental capitalized but smaller.

In the end I'll need a stationary version and sign ... Like we see being done

I'll also need one where the "Nw-tooth" is above a line with smaller affinity dental ... Under it ... For Embroidery and a more "emblem" type for uniforms, mugs, pens ... Etc

Tooth styling and color shading seems to be the decision-maker


I included a external photo of the building.... can I see your design superimposed on that, over the brick part.  I will be getting a channel letter lit sign that matches this logo.

My business cards will have the tooth in a foil and the rest will be in a cobalt blue or black lettering On a off-white or gray card most likely ...

 If there's other ideas that you may have or a different direction you think I should see... Please show me.  Thank you so much for this community of designers.

Update:  it's basically going to come down to the "w/tooth styling"... And then having a cool font or placement ... 

I like the colors and shading in #24... Maybe the the green a little darker

I like the style of the tooth in #26 (maybe a little too wide) and #14 (tooth maybe a little bulky lines) ...

I also like the "dental" under a line with Nw Affinity above.... spaced out a little ...  like #39 but with a little less spacing

I like the height relationship between the A and the "tooth/w" on. #26 and want the "n" to be the same font size as the A 

Update:  really like the direction of #14 ... Variations of that style ... Much appreciated....

Update:  I added a sketch of the direction I want to go after seeing some of the initial designs....  I really like the font in entry #4 and colors/fading and shadowing .... I would like a unique or stylized lower case w with "tooth topper" ... like the sketch.   Yes I am still very much open to other ideas and variations but right now ... that is my favorite.


I would like to see some variations but also would like to see the tooth "topper" in a metallic cobalt blue with gray fade to black lettering



Also the design will primarily be written out full length "Nw Affinity Dental" ... Only on small items and uniforms do I plan on using the "Nw" seating over the affinity dental. So eventually Id like to see both one the NW is sorted out

Primary brief:

I am looking for a Logo for my new dental practice, "Nw Affinity Dental".... with the logo being integrated into the name... or as shown in my sketch, into the "Nw" part.

Ideally, a logo feature that makes it clear its a dental practice, as I plan to also get some uniform embroidery done of just the "logo" part with small lettering.  The logo will be used on an external sign, business cards, letter head, ... etc...

My area of service and potential customer target is: quality focused, relationship and service driven.  Surrounding area has upper level incomes and tastes.  We are a family practice but looking for patients who want quality dentistry.

I am open to other designs other than what I came up with.

I will also be using some brushed nickel or silver/gray in the design of the office....

For someone modifying my design... I would also like to see the "tooth" lines a different color than Lettering.  Also with the "w" matching the script of the "affinity dental" and lower case.

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  • Can I see a final work up ... in the same format as 183? #199
    • About #199, @Michaudd Sorry i just don't be in time :(

  • Can you change this one into the font on 199

    then align the bottom of the W with the other letters? #157
  • Dear Sir, this is quotation for "Nw Affinity Dental" logo design. Please review it. Thanks. #203
  • this is not the contest this is favoritism,, I'm wasting my time here i'll do all my effort
  • hoping you like #201
  • this is my new style hope you like and give feedback of this #200
  • About #194, @Michaudd what do you mean? Another style of ?
  • About #198, @Michaudd So what format you need, usually I use EPS format, but i can do ane format for you! What format you need?
  • I'm waiting fr your comment of my designs
    • @7kinds looks good... I don't think there is anything else I would change about your choice of styling... It will come down to a choice of the style differences

  • What you think about this one? This is updated 170. #198
    • @RAMcreative looks really good. I made two tiny changes.

      What format, if yours was the winning design, would you submit the files in?
      I would like the black/white and color versions of:
      1) unshaded and shaded internal tooth...
      2) long and the 2 condensed version...

      Does that work for you?

  • just a hair ... the tip of the blue leg and curve ... brought out a little more to the right, so that its a smooth total curve there and "in line" with the green .... more like your 157.. smooth .... #198

  • can the internal light blue be reduced a little more? I really like it #198
  • kindly check this one,, if have changes contact me #196
  • I still really like this design 170.... can I see this version but just with the pointy part of the tips smoothed and made even with the bottom of the other letters? #170
  • can the base be stretched down a little to be in alignment with the bottom of the other letters? #193
  • can the tipoff the blue be brought a little more vertical ... instead of turning into the middle ... #193
  • how about this one kindly check #194
  • Updated, please check it! #193
  • Going back to this one....

    I like this one..

    I just was looking to make the green and the blue "ends" making them the same....

    round the "point" off the bottom of the two W "legs", reduce the bulk in that area a little and align it with the bottom of the other letters.... #170
    • About #170, @Michaudd Ok. :) Continue working!

    • @RAMcreative sorry.... I wish there was a "draw" feature... hopefully that makes sense

    • @Michaudd ill upload a sketch.... make this easier for you

    • @Michaudd NO problem! And i heve one question: You want bottom of "W" be round, like top of the green tooth? And must heve no point on bottom?

    • @RAMcreative ... nah just a little bit .... I uploaded a sketch ....

    • @Michaudd its really close and im probabbly just being too picky .... its really nice work

    • @Michaudd ..... maybe matching the green to the blue would be better?...... the green kind of tapers to a point differently than the blue... ... not sure which way is better....

  • What about this one? #190
    • @RAMcreative ya it got too "pinched" in ... I like the alignment of 170 ... just 3 little adjustments