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I had a great experience on design contest , for the most part the designers were professional and brought great ideas to the table. The site admins were very helpful and offered alot of help. I would strongly recommend this site for anyone seeking a professional look from a dedicated and helpful site.

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Winning design #251 by nvillegas, Logo Design for NYC deli Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvillegas

Project description

Lets try this again, as per the site rules no clip art, free ware, use of copyrighted ideas. Please view my example files and come up with an original design. I am looking for a logo for a new business, called NYC deli , i am open to suggestions on how it should look. I am thinking either colorful and fun , or black and white with a real NY attitude and feel. This business is a food biz. Nothing cutesy . I am open to the use of ny city buildings and land marks here are too logos i like some thing between the 2 of them works great

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  • About #7 do you see the empire state building in the "N"
  • I do like this, is it possible to have this in the front of something..maybe like the nyc skyline with this in the front? but so far i like this the best. I also liked #5 design .
  • Hi I just uploaded #5 Would you be interested in something like that?Of course colors can be added and landmark as well.
  • not what i am looking for, something more funky use of landmarks ect
  • I am open to the use of new york landmarks, empire state building , rocafeller center stat of lib ect
  • This isnt what i am looking for, i dont mind the font but the design doesnt speak to me. I am open to something with ny land marks in it as well. Thank you for your 1st attempt
  • No clip art ! be original and send in your best, i have the need for more logos if i choose your design more work to follow
  • cool concept, but i dont like the fork
  • this one is kinda cool, but io dont like where the font is, can you try a few tweeks on this one
  • Im not the CH or any sort of admin, but I am a hard working designer. Relz2011, you totally have copied the design concept from VagelisArt. I would assume you need to come up with your own unique concepts and form. Not cool. Dina
  • CH, Thank you for your feedback. I have submitted a few other entires. #32 and #64 have numerous color changes for your selection. Then with entries #65 and #66, I incorporated a unique design of my own by adding a light brick texture to the background. I wanted to add another element of NYC, which is brick buildings. Will await additional feedback for other changes. :) Dina
  • Dear Ch, Here are my design artworks.#61 #60 #59 #58 #57.Hope you like it. thanks. Best regards, relz2011
  • Hi I'll be back in my office late in the evening and I'll post #30 with the the meantime if you'll have more ideas please post I'll be happy to do them
  • not a fan of the forks and spoons ect.thanks
  • Next #46,.cek please, with simple city using spoon dan fork look like a city, thanks.
  • I like this, not to be used as my overall logo, but i might be intrested in this image for use for other things.
  • there are some good components there, but over all i dont like the design
  • Chek my design please, #45, simply design using spoon and fork in the font of deli. so many Thanks
  • can you do something with the brooklyn bridge in the back with the circle logo in front to the left, if we can turn the logo counter clockwise a bit as well.
  • deli is spelled with and "i" not a "y"