NYC Jewish Match

Was easy. Most signs were off but I did find a couple talented people

$275 paid

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19pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #31 by Asiral, Logo Design for NYC Jewish Match Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiral

Project description

Matchmaking and Date Coaching Company seeks professional modern, minimal logo. Colors would be Blue (see Israeli flag) and gray. 

No hearts, religious symbols, cheesy icons (doves flying etc). icons could be subtly integrated into the words that might work. or maybe just text I leave that to the designer.

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  • Feedback plese :) #77
  • Hi can you tell me the difference between #31, #35, #36 and #48

    Thanks #31
    • About #31, @mgoldsteinesq They are all different colors. 31 color of jewish flag, 35 is like my first design color, 36 is like Tanya's color, 48 color from 33 entry..

  • not sure if you got my request to do one with jewish matchmaker and jewish matchmaking many thanks #33
    • About #33, @mgoldsteinesq
      I apologize for the delay, see #66 and #67, thank you very much for all your helpful feedback on all this :)

  • In letter ''W'' two people holding hands... #62
  • Here's another option with a subtle symbol #50
  • Here's one option with a subtle symbol #49
  • This is original with the 33 colors #48
  • This is not the same font, but similar #47
  • I like your symbol but liking the colors in 33. Also would be curious to see a combination of yours and 33 and see how it looks in that font. It may not work but would like to see it thanks #36
    • About #36, @mgoldsteinesq No problem, post it as soon as possible.

  • see prior comments about NYC thank you #44
  • please read brief thank you #46
  • How prominent should "NYC" be in the logo? Is that part of the name of the brand?
    • @lukejmeyer NYC should not be prominent it is the least important

  • Hi, my design is luxurious yet simple. The icon is a play on M and J letters forming some kind of a person. #41
  • Hi. this is my entry.. i hope you like.. #38
  • This is like my first design #35
  • nice but feeling it more with others #21
  • NYC isn't the focus thanks for your efforts #32
  • Works well in color, and in black and white. Versatile, modern logotype. #34
  • I think this is good can I see it in the other shade of blue (your first design) as well as the shade Tanya used in her design #31
  • What do you think about this one? #31