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We received far more entries than we expected to. However, it seemed like there was more quantity than quality. Some designs seemed thrown together and amateur. We are pleased with the final product, but it does take a great amount of work to elicit solid designs from designers. I would suggest that DesignContest should feature briefs more prominently. It seemed like many designers ignored most of the brief entirely.

$300 paid

209 custom designs

48pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #162 by soma_art, Logo Design for NYI Connect Contest
Gold Medal

designed by soma_art

Project description

We are a Christian youth ministry organization based in the USA and Canada. We are looking for a one-line logo/wordmark that will be primarily used on a blog/resource website. This site provides articles, resources, and a place for connection. Our target audience is youth pastors in their 20s and 30s that value relevant and up-to-date designThe logo should be gender neutral. Our brand color codes and logo have been provided but are not requirements in the design. We are open to these being incorporated in creative ways, but would also love to see some other elements and colors possibly thrown in. Please keep in mind that the logo will be placed on a white background.

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  • @usacanadanyi, revised from #40 #172
  • About #155, @n450r1 revised from #131
  • Hope you will like it. #170
  • About #145, @soma_art Can you maintain the same font for connect as #90 for both of these new designs? Thank you!
  • new revisi
    thanks #144
  • About #90, @soma_art We like this design but would like a small alteration made to the "starleaf" logo. Can you make the logo white with a blue and red background? We're hoping this will add more weight to the design. Thank you!
  • We like many of the "stacked designs" but are afraid that they will not look right on our website. I would encourage all designers with remaining designs to create versions of their designs that will fit on one line and fill more space. Thank you for your work!
  • About #124, @Dayadrana Is there any way that this type of design could be made wider? I'm afraid the stacked design will not work on our website header. We need something longer that will fill space. We love this design but aren't sure about how it will function on a wide, white background. Thanks.
  • refer #40, which maintains horizontal aspect as you've mentioned. thankyou #131
  • About #130, @soma_art This is a solid design. We'll be sure to take it into consideration as we review. Thanks!
  • About #128, @soma_art I'm still not sure if we like this design despite the text change. I think we're going to go in a different direction.
  • About #125, @soma_art I think the only issue with this design would be that NYI is much larger than Connect. I think Connect needs featured prominently.
  • NYI CONNECT #127
  • NYI Connect #126
  • About #110, @coolander This design is too tall to work on our website. 
  • About #124, @Dayadrana We will definitely take this one into consideration. I expect our review process to happen more heavily tomorrow. Thanks!
  • About #117, @ross The font for NYI seems too wide and stretched. I don't know if we're a fan of the line between the words either.
  • About #119, @barkside I think this font is too modern. Thanks for the new design!
  • About #123, @Dayadrana I think I would like this design better if the "star-leaf" was a little smaller. Thanks!
  • About #111, @coolander I like the colors you incorporated. However, could I see the icon and the NYI in the red and blue in the brief? Thanks!