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Excellent job! I like his creative, simple and professional design. Definitely will consider him again for other design works.

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designed by ESIT

Project description

Oasis Technologies LLC provides information technology services to the US federal government and commercial clients using Oracle technical stacks. We also provide environmental science and engineering services to global clients.

Our main businesses are IT services and environmental services. We strive to be excellent and innovative. We make all the efforts to have happy employees and customer. We're based in the US but we expect to reach out to our clients globally.

We work with products from Oracle (http://www.oracle.com) and Atlassian (http://www.atlassian.com ) and provide consulting services around those two vendors.

We’re passionate about what we’re doing and we take great pride in our delivered services.

We believe in collaborating to innovate.

Knowledge sharing and continued learning are part of the company’s genes.

We strive to do well by doing good things.

We care about the environment. 

Data and Water will be our core business. 

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  • please feedback to my design sir, thanks #288
  • Please remove "llc" and keep the others #258
  • About #212, @daniel_n_zhang
    I already post revised version, let me know your comments please.
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  • its simple but different,... #268
  • I like the variation and details here! #211
    • About #211, @daniel_n_zhang

      ok which# i can follow please

    • About #211, @daniel_n_zhang

      Hi, Please review refined version bit color variation..

  • maybe is usefull.. feedback please #240
  • please remove llc and keep all the others the same. #219
  • please feedback to my design sir #213
  • About #208, @daniel_n_zhang
    Any comments please,
    • About #208, @ponnappan100 I Like it! Can you make any final touches and give two of your best choices? Thanks.

  • Letter "A" is thicker than the others. Is it intentionally or inherited from a design before? #205
    • @daniel_n_zhang I have modified. #209

  • modify A for more thin; #209
  • redraw #205
  • Will a round dot for the letter "i" look better? I'm not sure, just a thought. I'd like to hear your opinions. #195
  • Sobre diseño #152, @ClaudioRegina
    Hello I created a mascot that represents something close to the name "Oasis" and I thought of a bird chirping and technological form becomes what it touches.
  • This needs to be lower case as "i" to make it consistent, right? #181
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  • About #152, @ClaudioRegina I like this unique concept! Can you explain? Thx.