OC CPA Firm needs a Sophisticated Professional Logo To Target Business Tax and Accounting Clients Nationwide

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Winning design #59 by piezare, Logo Design for OC CPA Firm needs a Sophisticated Professional Logo To Target Business Tax and Accounting Clients Nationwide Contest
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designed by piezare

Project description

We need a sophisticated logo to represent our company. We do not require an image to go with the type face within the logo, but we are open to one. We are also open to having a version of this logo with and without the "tag line" such as "We Know Business Taxes" listed. Why do we need this? We are launching a new web site (with a new domain name of business tax preparation.com) to target professional B to B tax and accounting clients and this logo will be used throughout our company particularly on the web. This company will be heavily marketed for both organic and paid search engines under categories like business tax preparation, small business tax services, business tax returns, business taxes, business tax consultants, business accounting, business tax deductions, and business tax planning. Design - we like neutral colors - finance is a serious, confidential business and we want to appear that way. Colors like black, brown, white, grey, and blues are appealingly secure, mature, and sophisticated. However, we want your design expertise and are open to other ideas. Inspiration - we tend to like very professional fonts and colors such as those used by www.hallcpas.rtrk.com

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  • Goodday BusinessTaxPrep, Disregard #1. This is the right entry... OMdesigns
  • Sorry, there has been a typo , #39 is the corrected version. Thanks
  • We love this - can you add .com to the end of the logo for us?
  • i have uploaded all the final files, please verify and let me know if all is ok. thank you
  • dear CH, thank you for the award. I will add the.com and upload asap. I will upload a JPG of the design with the .com added to it. You can verify if its fine for you or want further modifications. Then we can move to the final files upload which generally will include : AI version; black and white version of the logo,jpg or PNG for quick viewing and PSD format. Also as requested in the brief, i will add the logo with and without tagline. Hence, please let me know beforehand , if you would like any other formats to be added in the final files folder. thank you
  • Hi #59. We love this - can you add .com to the end of the logo for us? It can be in a smaller font size to make it less prominent. (That said, we are open to suggestion to suit your creative vision).
  • you are welcome., that was a nice contest. Can you "confirm" the final files please
  • ok great. I got the proof sheet. Thank you again. Nice job.
  • Here you go, the proof sheet is uploaded. You can download and verify. That's all the details of the logo. cheers
  • hello, what i will do is i will make a "proof" for you, that is a draft containing all the color's thumbnail plus the pantone numbers and the font names. Plus, for print purposes, be sure to use the CMYK format wich is in the folder as the values of the colors differ a little from RGB, which if u print, will give you darker colors. Let me know if you have other technical questions.. i will deliver the proof asap. troll
  • Hi we love it. So one final question. For just working in word and powerpoint we wanted to match the fonts and colors that you used - say when writing a letter. Can you tell me those fonts and RBG or Pantone numbers for all of the colors and type faces you selected? I just want to keep as much consistency to your design as possible. Thank you again!!!