Ocala Street Cruisers

Great designer and great finished logo. This gentlemen is very attentive and easy to work with. Responded immediately to emails and changes needed. Awesome work!

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Winning design #26 by graphman, Logo Design for Ocala Street Cruisers Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

The Ocala Street Cruisers are a car club and we are looking for a design logo primarily for T-shirts. Our car club accepts ALL cars so I am looking to show diversity in the selection of cars depicted. We have old classics, street rods, as well as new muscle cars in our club. I would like a design depicting 3 to 5 cars of varying makes. (Example: Not all Chevrolet's) and depicting the diversity with at least one being a new muscle car like a Mustang or Challenger. Some color is nice and the background is less important. The words “Ocala Street Cruisers” should be in a font that is easy to read at first glance. I have included 5 images depicting other shirts with designs that I like to use as a guide.  Image #5 is the logo I am currently using and I like it just fine, but the car artwork is not mine.  I swiped it from the web.  I obviously need it replaced with something that I have copyrights to.  Show me what you can do!

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  • please check #27
  • Just wanted to give you another color option. Thank you! #26
  • Hi, Thank you! I made the changes as you requested. #25
  • I love the cars and the positioning. Club name is a bit hard to read in that font. #22
  • About #20, @graphman Excellent design. It shows diversity of the club and the background is amazing.
    • @ocalastreetcruisers Thank you :)

  • Thank you! Here is the design with the updates. #19
  • Can you change one of these cars on either end to something more modern? Like a Mustang or Challenger? #12
  • I like this car in the middle #12
  • This background is absolutely amazing. Change nothing! #12
  • Hello CH @ocalastreetcruisers =)
    i am glad to meet you =)
    i would like to explain about my design =)
    i hope you can like with this design =)

    i waitting for your feedback =) #8
  • I thing much people more choosing simple concept like this..
  • simple design for t-shirt, much people like a simple concept #7
  • this design I try to merged panorama scenery in the city. #6
  • Hope this car is more of what you were looking for. If not I can change it again. #5
  • This car looks British. Would need to be American. Preferably a muscle car from the 60's or 70's. #2
    • @ocalastreetcruisers Okay I will make the changes

  • I like the diversity with these two cars, old and new #2
  • The palm trees are a nice touch. #2
  • Classic car with a modern background #1