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Winning design #191 by songokupu, Logo Design for Odyssey Plumbing Contest
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designed by songokupu

Project description

I have an existing "logo" as you see and I'm just wanting to see what else is possible with it.  I'm not "stuck" to it, so if you have a better idea, I'm open.  I do believe I'm wanting to --get away from the black/red theme--, as I believe they're kind of "harsh" psychologically.  If you feel you can "tweak" the existing to get me what I'm looking for, great.  Feel the need to start from scratch b/c you can do much so much more with it, awesome as well.  This will be plastered/used everywhere.  From landing pages to business cards, letter heads to invoices.  I'm looking for clean, modern, with an actual distinguishable "logo", rather it be letter (my 1st thought), character, or symbol (2nd) based that with enough brand marketing one would "eventually" be able to automatically associate with "Odyssey Plumbing" w/o even seeing the name (think the logo, character, icon, etc. by it's self on a large billboard by the highway, and local passers by automatically being able to associate Odyssey Plumbing).  I have no idea beyond what I expressed.  I'm a plumber 1st, business owner 2nd, and my artistic side is limited to black/white, lines, and letters.  I believe they call that basic hand-writing .

Edit------  If you "google" ALLGOOD PLUMBING or SUPERIOR PLUMBING, both in Atlanta, GA---those are cool, unique, branded logos to me.  Also a couple of my local competitors what your logo would be up against.

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  • Try to add some alternative with some illustration of letter O, P, water, and pipe.. #354
    • @tommilamanepa Not quiet clear enough I think for my liking. Thanks for the submission though.

    • @jccochran82 Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

  • They all look great at this point-- it's just a matter of me narrowing down a few choices to throw in the pot to be voted on. I really don't know what else you can do to improve it. Yours is definitely one to be voted on. It'll be up to my people to decide. Thanks. #341
    • @jccochran82 hi sir...thank you and i'm very highly appreciated be also the one to be voted. hope that you and your team will decide the best one that's fit with your skill and your future business. thanks again!!!

  • I realize I've stopped commenting as much and that's because of time constraints and also due to the fact that I have so many great entries already. It will be challenging to determine which ones are to be voted on. There are many posted recently that I haven't commented on at all and yet like as well. I will note later in the comments which ones are up for the vote. Thank you all for the hard work. Business card design web design contest coming up next for those who are interested. Even if you don't win the logo contest there are a handful of you designers I would encourage to enter it considering it will be that close of a call picking any 1 individual winner. Thank you all again.
  • please checked it,thank you #353
  • hi..i made more improvement for the character color..hope you like it..nee feedback please. thanks #341
  • @jccochran82 #315
  • @jccochran82 #314
  • Iliad & Odyssey Logo, Ancient Greek Corinthian Helmet #252
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  • See new proposal. I await your feedback #235
  • new 'mascot on initial' more professional , I hope you more like it... :-) #234
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