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Winning design #12 by LightED, Logo Design for Ogoo Contest
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designed by LightED

Project description

Ogoo Investments (Ogoo) will be a seed & early stage investment company. Ogoo will invest in young ambitious startups. Focus areas are digital and tech related industries

Ogoo was the first word ever spoken by my daughter when she was just a few months old so that stands for get in early and fast (hence seed capital). Besides that I like the sound and tonation of the word, it is special, fresh and more importantly it has playfulness/Fun. Words/values to describe the company and logo would be


Early, fast


Playful & fun (which also means we do not only invest for money, we need to have fun)

Reliable & Pure

Big ambition


Style and colors

The logo should be clean and professional but a bit playful at the same time. A balance has to be found. Color used for the letters could be light/dark grey with a playful touch (object with another color or some letters with another color for example).


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  • Hi Eric, thank you. Is this a self created font (especially the "g"?) pr is this used somewhere elses as well?

    As for the feedback. I think it looks interesting. Could you maybe play around a bit with colors? So for example make only one letter with a green outline. Maybe try blue outline or a mix of some different colors? Could you give some more options? #7
  • please give me any feedback? thank you :) #2
  • Any Changes You Want Tell me #1