Ohana Beach Baby

From start to finish, this has been a great experience. The amount of entries and the quality of the designers that entered the contest were as promised. The final logo was exactly what we were looking for and really represents our vision beautifully. The designer was so easy to work with and very accommodating. Would recommend this site and our designer highly. Thank you!


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Winning design #192 by ideasstudio, Logo Design for Ohana Beach Baby Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ideasstudio

Project description

We need a logo to reflect the essence of our new business. Here is a description that may help. We also would like the Beach Baby to stand out and the Ohana to be a bit smaller. Ohana Beach Baby will feature a variety of beach and swim wear, beach toys, accessories, towels, cover-ups, sandals and locally designed island style clothing. Ohana Beach Baby was created to spread Aloha from Hawaii. With its unique island flare and styles, we strive to inspire you of fun filled days at the beach with your family. Ohana Beach Baby strives to be the leading online source for all of your children's needs for sun and play.

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  • Hi, I made a new concept for you in #91, I hope it matches better what you are looking for. Please, let me know any changes you like. Thank you. Stonny.
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests http://www.freevector.com/octopus-cartoon/
  • About #67: I made the changes that you asked for. I made the turtles smaller and then changed the bow to a yellow hibiscus flower. Then I changed the font to make it feel more islandy. The only thing I couldn't do was find a font that I had that would be in the bamboo style font and in lowercase. I will keep looking and try to find something that should fit the bill. If you would like anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi angie~ Thanks for the feedback and rating on #57 I designed a few options for your review per your comments: #65 #66 I revised the font to be more island-y / beach-y while still keeping the kid/baby-like look to the font. On #65 - The font for 'Ohana' in option 2 is a bamboo-type font to see if you like. I modified the very symbolic Hawaiian hibiscus to add some leaves. We can always mix and match fonts/flowers to your preference. If you prefer the single flower, I can always revise - just let me know. Please let me know if you would like to see any additional revisions. Thanks so much! PaintedPony
  • I like this concept, I was wondering if you could try a few different things: make the baby a little bit smaller and chubbier, also is there a way to make it look like it has a little tan? I would like to see this with the colors we are using (turquoise, hot pink, lime green and yellow) Also make the font for beach baby a little bigger? Thanks Gina
  • about #61. I added a hibiscus flower to the beach ball character.
  • About #60. This one displays a more island like font for Ohana
  • to ch about #59. I made the face more baby like as you requested and I went with a thinner font. Thanks for the feedback and more for this design would be great. Thanks
  • I will make the changes to the design as soon as I get back home. I am out right now but as soon as I get back I will work on it for you. And thanks again for the great feed back and ratings on my design. Thanks, Squewheet
  • The beach ball colors are great, just wondering if possible to make the face a little more baby like? Can I see it without the water and a different font, a little thinner? Thank you so much.
  • Hi, I sent you an aproach to the brief in #58, any comments appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  • Really like the way you did the colors. Can you try a different font that feels a little more islandy? Thanks!
  • Hello! This is Angie's business partner, Gina. I really like where you are going with this just a few call-out's: Can you make the turtles a little smaller, also instead of the pink bow make it a yellow hibiscus flower? Also, the font is almost there, looking for more bamboo or islandy feel. Lastly, can you try it with the font in all lower case as well to compare. Thanks!
  • Hello angie~ I created a logotype comp for your consideration that is clean and simple and features a fun, bright, stylized hibiscus flower: #57 Hope you like the concept. Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • I love this one the best out of the three. Can you change the blue on the boy turtle to the lighter turquoise I put in the brief? Also the N in Ohana looks a little blocked with the first turtle. Thanks
  • ABOUT #53. I switched the words up as you requested
  • to ch about #52. I wanted to make a design with personality that is kid friendly and still keep the beach theme, so I created this beach ball character. I went with beach colors that pop. I also added a water color effect that splashes on the text to continue the theme. Hope you like. Feedback would be great, Thanks for your time.
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests the art you used is found here http://www.vectorjungle.com/
  • About #49: I read your last comment and I changed the Ohana to be smaller and have beach baby to be larger. So that people don't get it confused it Obama. Then I also took your last comment about my original entries and made the font brown and then changed it to be more of that island feel. I also changed the turtles around and took the black off the turtle and made it blend better with the turtle. And also changed the green of the turtle to a lighter brighter turtle. I hope you like everything I've done and if you would like to see any changes just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Someone just pointed out to me that the Ohana (Means family in Hawaiian) might be confused with Obama at first glance. It would be better to have larger font for Beach Baby and the Ohana coming before it or above it in much smaller font. We really want to keep an island flare since the business is based in Hawaii. Thank you all.