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designed by edro

Project description

**Note: I would like the color scheme to flow between the Oi and Able to show that they are together at the same time can read off as "Oi" "able" and NOT as "i able" . Just an FYI "OI/Oi" stands for Oceanaire International. We're in the waste management/recycle industry that just merged with another company. In the example files, I've included the original "Oi" logo. I would like to have the logo similar to the original "Oi" logo (dimensions/layers), but am open to any design to incorporate "Able". Would like to have the over feel similar to the waves in the example files (PS3 opening screen/background). Also to have "Oi" and "Able" in two different colors. "Able" having more of design to it then "Oi". FYI: it will be used for email (white background) as well as a color background (business card).

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  • Hello CH. I´ve submitted entrie #13. Please let me know what you think. Regards
  • Initially, I definitely liked the creativity of the "Oi" and its subtlety, except the longer I looked at it, it looked a bit too much like phallic symbol. If you change it up a bit and play with colors and dimension, I would be interested for a revision.
    • Hi CH! Thanks for the feedback! I have submitted a new entry #44, I changed the symbol somewhat to not resemblance a phallic illusion and I also changed the colors and added a transparent layer.

    • Hi again CH, I have submitted yet another entry #52 with a thicker font and a more distinct transparent layer for you to choose from.

  • The "O" in "Oi" is almost exactly what i'm looking for. Except, can you make the middle section/white square smaller? Also, since the "O" and "i" are in two different colors..at first it read as "I Able".. And not fond of the font chosen for "Able". Something more playful
    • Hi CH, Please check my new entry #43 since i modified the white square to be smaller and the colors of "O" and "i" Also the font of "Able" hope you like it..and waiting for your feedback

  • The feel is definitely there, but would like the "Oi" and "able" to have some sort of separation whether it be by just changing colors/design to one of them. But the multi-layer feel is exactly what i was looking for vs. the general gradient
    • Please checkout #30 ... :) if you want to use more than one color on main logo, it's possible as well... i tried to show some other possibility of this logo such as icons and others

    • |--|

      tapeshdesign {*wrote*}:
      Please checkout #30 ... :) if you want to use more than one color on main logo, it's possible as well... i tried to show some other possibility of this logo such as icons and others
      |--| Ah, I think you took it a step back. Thank you for the revision though. It reminded me too much of YouTube

  • Interesting play to the logo. Can you please try and make the design part more dimensional/shading/layers similar to the original "Oi" logo that I have in the example file? Also would like to see the Oi Able with different colors rather than just a gradient.
  • I liked the design, feel, and color selection behind the "Oi", but rather have it played within the actual "Oi Able". And if you can, play with the colors that would make the name pop out more
  • The large "O" has the feel I'm looking for.. but I rather have the idea incorporated into the "Oi" and "Able" versus having it separated...and if you can, include the green for a nice pop.
  • It doesn't have too much of a "pop".. The fonts are fairly basic, would like a more creative play to it with dimensions and layers.
  • An existing company actually has the "Oi" logo
  • Like the playfulness of it, but the Oi and Able seems too separated from each other. Can you try to incorporate the colors within each name? Example: "Oi" with some shadings of the gray/black (similar to the original example file), "able" accents of blue green in them to make it more dimensional? I would like the colors/design of "Oi" and "able" to separate the name without the dash. OiAble, Oi Able, OI Able, etc. Your "Able" is so far my favorite
  • Hello Contes Holder. I´ve submitted entrie #35 . Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • Thank you for the revision. I like the color scheme but, the OI still looks like phallic symbol. Can you try separating the O and the "dot" in the "i"? I like the multiple colors in both words.
    • Hi again CH, thanks for your feedback! Here is another entry with changes #62

  • Hi CH, My entry is #59. I have designed a fresh feeling logo that displays feeling of cleanliness. I have positioned the gradients in a way so the feeling is 'onwards and upwards' which I feel relates to this new merger. I look forward to your feedback. Regards
  • Switch it, more blue than green
    • I just did.. How about this #57 am i on the right track? Good luck

    • Take #55, there seems to be three strips of blue going across. Literally just change the middle strip to a green that will make the whole logo pop

  • I actually like the original better..I wanted the "able" to have more color to it and flow between "Oi" and "able" without it looking like "i able"
  • Reminds me of the AT&T symbol..
  • I see there is a suitableness of blues going across the OI and Able... can you incorporate some green across as well?
  • Keep the design of the "O", "Able" and the wave that goes below Able...I'm guessing the wave and the smaller "o" is the "i" part, however, can you somehow incorporate an "i" instead to make the "Oi" a little more obvious?
    • Hi CH, I have submitted a new entry #74. If you want me to make further changes you need to grant me more design uploads since I have used up all my initial uploads.

    • I believe you should have another upload option now?

  • Hi CH! can I get a feedback on my entry #51? Do I have to change something or what you like in the design? Thanks for not eliminating it yet.
  • I like the able, try without a dash and can you try something else with the OI?