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Winning design #356 by moimeme, Logo Design for Oil and Gas company needs creative logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • About #10 and #11 Hi CH, This is an idea of mine I thought would work well. The drop could be representative of drop of oil. I hope this is close to what you are looking for. Thank you
  • Oops.. I just caught something. wrong spelling on the resources.
  • Show us other fonts, colors, etc with the river idea shown in this concept.
  • revise circle around oil drop to another "C". Remove gas flare inside oil drop.
  • Would like to see something with traditional pumping units and well heads incorporated
  • Hi Ch here is my entries #155 #156. i made the symbol from drop, and divide in river, the right is the oil and the other is the gas. simple, but it reflect the industry well. hope you like it. thank you CH
  • dear CH, entry #149 and #150 are my submissions for you..hope you like the concept of its simple visual..thanks
  • one design/one version only in an entry unless requested by the contestholder http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/oil-and-gas-company-needs-creative-logo/entry/138/report
  • one design/one version in an entry unless requested by the contest holder http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/oil-and-gas-company-needs-creative-logo/entry/135/report
  • While the orange flame represents the oil, green signifies gas, which is environment friendly. Together they are making C.
  • only one design per entry is allowed.
  • can you convert the gold circle to the letter c
  • Can we see this without the Olive green
  • Can we see this in a different color
  • Can we also see this with a pumping unit in place of the derek
  • Can we see this in different colors?
  • I put the letter C in the logo rotated by 90 degrees and the gas or flame sign. The letter C is from Canyon Creek and in this way, the sign refers to the "power symbol" (On/Of)
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • thanks for your feedback...ok will submit the revision with other color..anyway, are there any certain color you like?
  • Are there any specific colors/fonts that you would like to see with this option? Also would you like to see a pumping unit along with the river, or prefer it alone? or would you like to see more options altogether? thank you for your feedback.