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Dear Design Contest, On the behalf of SINCE1860.COM, VILLAGE JEWELERS AND KHOURY JEWELERS. I highly recommend MR. NASHAAT ZAKKOUR for your program in design contest. He worked under request for this contest for our Jewelry store, July Of 2013. His responsibilities included a design and Logo and the design of lion that will become a corporate headquarters logo brand for one of the oldest most respected Jewelry stores in the world, and A DTC Group of De Beers. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication, I had the great pleasure of seeing him blossom from nothing to a Lion that looks hand carved from out of a stone. I feel that MR. NASHAAT ZAKKOUR is a fully functioning designer who conduct designs with a diverse set of skills. He responds well to intellectually demanding situations and applies himself even though he was on a different time zone with enthusiasm to new learning situations to show me his talents.

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Winning design #128 by Nashaat, Logo Design for New Logo for the Oldest Jewelry Store Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nashaat

Project description

Dear Designer, who we are Our Domain Is Village Jewelers and Khoury Jewelers .... SINCE1860.COM VILLAGE JEWELERS & KHOURY JEWELERS Two Slogans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Diamond Source & All Your Jewelry Needs Under One Roof First place if done well..... This is my favorite if done tastefully ....... Think about a stone and carved a Lions Head Or Body. lion picture The Lion The Egyptians saw the the lion as a symbol of power and wealth. The lion was used on tribe banners when Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt. Today, the roar of the lion is often associated with fearlessness. supernatural powerKanji symbol for Supernatural Power COLORS>>>>>>>> the background I like black however you may put it onto a dark dark blue or white to show me.. COLORS of the LION>>>> Bahama Blue and the new color that Google Perfected Google G-Mail Blue... It Took Google and their staff over 6 years to find this shade of BLUE>>> need I say more.... Think About Our Heritage 1860 - 1879 1880 - 1889 1900 - 1919 1920 - 1939 1940 - 1959 1960 - 1979 1980 - 1999 2000 - PRESENT Next section The Heritage of De Beers Since our origins in Kimberley, South Africa, more than 120 years ago, the search for diamonds has taken us from African deserts to the Canadian arctic and the depths of the ocean floor. Along the way we have connected generations of people with one of the Earth's natural treasures, playing our part in countless memorable moments. Start the journey De Beers Diamond Jewellers has a global presence. WE at Village Jewelers & Khoury Jewelers are proud to be a DTC group of De Beers. Thank you all and God Bless you for your help :-) And may the best artest win... Sincerely, Joey

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  • Please understand we need this for a Village Jewelers & Khoury Jewelers please look at the Brief and call me for questions .
  • Your work is looking good. I think you have more ideas show us what you have in mind. Our Family of employees at Village Jewelers and Khoury Family will take a close look today also Gemfind and Stuller. Mr. Khoury is an artist in both handcrafting jewelry, Canvas oil Paintings and more. Question how could you brand this trusted logo this ecommerce business with a physical store . Also the company building our website is GEMFIND a large company specializing in Jewelry stores and if this works out for you who knows the business opportunities to come for you.
    • Hello CH, I've uploaded entry #33, where I've opted to make the diamond-shaped shield more of an actual diamond, by keeping the shape true, and adding the detail of some of the faces and vertices. I'm thinking the blue-ish color scheme is a bit classier in the end, as gold can look tacky quickly, especially where small detail is concerned, and wherever one might want use of a lighter backdrop. Additionally, the glassy blues bring out the idea that you specialize in diamonds. I'm happy with my treatment of the text and font choices, which I think add sophistication and an air of the vintage, reinforcing the 1860 strand of the concept. Let me know whether you agree. In fact, do let me know if you think any of my choices need tweaking, or are ill-conceived. I do appreciate the feedback, and thank you for the consideration.

  • Looking good. Our Family of employees at Village Jewelers and Khoury Family will take a close look today at all your work. Mr. Khoury is an artist in both handcrafting jewelry, Canvas oil Paintings. What more could we do to this new brand this trusted logo this ecommerce business that is currently under construction with our web development teams. Also the company building our website is GEMFIND a large company and if this works out for you who knows how much work you could receive.
    • Thanks again for the kind appreciation for my work... Best Regards

    • What other Ideas Could You Come up with please thank you

  • Take a look at some of the other samples like #24 and see what you can come up with. What you did was not bad we just need the look to say little more. Thank you
  • the shield could your do more with it. also could you make the colors chrome, color of a diamond, the new Google Gmail blue, Gold and or Platinum Thank you and good luck
  • Dear Friend Thank you for your efforts. However Looking at the #24 byDexmind17 and some of the others I must say that we like the sleek clean look and feel of #24 could you create on better than #24 Thank you and good luck
  • Hi VillageJewelers about #28 and #29, let me know your comment and feedback!
  • About #27 Here is a basic design idea, in black and white. Clean, modern and minimal. We can work on colors and details. Thank you. Waiting for your feedback.
  • What can you change with the diamond. We need it to say something. Think of The logo in the concept of a Diamond.
  • All Your Jewelry Needs under one roof. Combining Three Of the oldest jewelry stores offing the best value and service in America Think on how we can send this brand to the world..
    • Hi Please Check #30 & #31 the crest is in Diamond Shape

  • Hi. Thank you for your hard work.. Please take a look at #24by DexMind17 We like some of what he has done so far and see if you ca come up with a better idea... Thank you and God Bless.... :-)
    • I've uploaded entry #25, where I put the idea on a dark color scheme. Hope you like this a little better.

  • Hi, Looking Great... Take a look at this concept please and put your thoughts into a national recognized brand a brand that will work in the USA and other country's. Our Family is a DTC group of DE Beers and if you win this I do think you could use it to boost your own designs and your brand yourself. Thank you :-) have fun
  • Nice Job. :-) God Bless You for your help.. Could you make the writing say in block writing Village Jewelers & Khoury Jewelers take out Family. Under the names write The Diamond Source and also make one that says under Village Jewelers & Khoury Jewelers The Diamond Family. We Would like to see what looks better and think The Shape of A Diamond.
    • Hi thanks for the sweet words........ I have made the required changes #24 as you advised, except the last sentence "We Would like to see what looks better and think The Shape of A Diamond." I didn't get this... Sorry but it is fact that I'm still working hard on English language, though I know much, sometime it skips few things... Feel free to have your opinion Best Regards

  • look at Porsche logotype Thankful for your help..
  • can you please check #22 & tell me what do you think?
  • Hi. We loved the first Shield in the chrome and gold writing on a black back ground. We like the way that the attest did the writing out to the side #20by vfdez .
  • VillageJewelers, hi there I wanted you to know I edited your comments removing your contact information. We do not allow designers to contact contestholders outside of the comment area. This protects your interests and the designers, this also allows us to keep tract of what is completed or not to what you need or want in the contest. Please let us know if you need any help Thank you
  • Your Getting the Idea. Could You Make the Shield into a Shape Of A Diamond and spell out 1860 with the diamond pattern for the Zero.
  • We like the look take a look at this link this is Tag Heuer we like the way the shield is with writing to the side. We are Diamond Specialist and Jewelry Specialist
  • I like the one you did called united airlines air craft mechanic
    • Hi! Please check this one... #16, #17 #18 & #19. Please let me know if you were are looking for something like this or else please inform me Best Regards