Olimpic Cable Park (Wakeboard)

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Winning design #141 by acid, Logo Design for Olimpic Cable Park (Wakeboard) Contest
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designed by acid

Project description

Hello there! We are looking for a logo for our amazing project wich is the next cable-park of Barcelona! Its name is OCP: Olympic Cable Park. We called it like that because it will be on the Olympic Canal of Barcelone which has be used during the Olympic games in 1992. What is a cable-park? It is a wonderful electric installation that allows wakeboarders, wakeskaters, kneeboarders and skiers to ride without any boat. This project is gonna be a lot of fun for all riders but we also want to democratize wakeboard for the families and children. Here you can check the website of a cable-ski: http://www.belgiumcablepark.be/ In the logo you can write either “OCP” and its signification: “Olympic Cable Park” or just “Olympic Cable Park” . We already thought about a logo so we put the drawing we made for you to have an idea. The name of the logo is “logo test”. Of course we expect from some of you to develop this idea and from others ones to forget it and think creatively of another type of logo. We do not want to deprive you from your creativity! In colours we really like Fluo colours (like the ones would could see in snow parks for instance). The main colour should be the black. We prefer: electric colours like Orange/Yellow, Blue, Green apple. Please avoid: purple, pink and any pastel colours. In terms of image this is what we want to show in our logo: Sensations, Trendy, Frendly, Good value for money, The spot, Safe, Cosmopolitan We also downloaded 10 types of logos we liked, please have a look at it. Logo 1: We like the shadow of the rider riding an obstacle . We do not like the loudness of this logo. Logo 2: We like the electric colours on black background and the modern artistic side. We do not like the font. Logo 3: We still do not know why we put it here… Logo 4: We like the base of the “wake” disapearing in “game” as if it was disapearing under water.We hate the shadows. Logo 5: We like the original use of numbers instead of letters and the rider riding letters. Logo 6: One of our favorite logo apart of colours missing. We like the font as well. We do not like this trick. Logo 7: We like the shape of the logo, the minimalist and linear side. The association of colours on the black background is very nice as well. In this logo a mast of a cable-park is represented in blue. This is quite difficult to understand for no-riders. Logo 8: We love this font Logo 9: We put this logo because even if in the name of OCP, there is “Olympic” we do not want to insist too much on it because the more important words are “Cable Park” . You can see it in this logo with “Skate Park”. Logo 10: We like the font and that the word “cable” is emphasized Congratulations, you arrived at the end of this brief!!! Now we are waiting for your proposals!!! Good Luck!!!

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  • hi CH, i submitted a new redesigned logo. New one is #23, i appreciated the feedback on the last one. feedback here would be appreciated.
  • -------------------- #22 --------------------------
  • Hi CH, Would u check #21 and give me feedback.. thanks :)
  • Hi! #19 is an update to my original submission. The rider has been moved and is now less hulk-like. I've also used a different font on Olimpic. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks for the feedback.
  • By the way, for your notification, as written in my infraction, that the designers must prove ownership of the photos from wich the draw their design. i quick look around the internet - and uou can spot from where some of the other designers have found ispiration. I am not saying that they not also own the photos, but i find it a bit strange that just design where the one that got picked out?? best regards andré
  • please change the font and try to highlight the words cable park, put more flashy colors , change the 3D effect on the circle or put it differenlty. Try to put a rider with a cable instead of the leaves, and try to include the letter P as you did with the letters O and C thanks
  • To all of you , one proposal have disappeared , and I didn t take the designer name, it was the drawing with the gears representing the letters OCP, can you put it back, we d like to get deeper in this drawing
  • Hello i just saw that i got a infraction here, i did not knoew wher to send a message so i tried to sent it via contact us before i found this tread, but i post my same commnet here for you to read Helo I dont now how to get in contact with the moderator on the tread on the contest wich i got an infraction. (Olimpic Cable Park (Wakeboard) contest). http://www.matthewkieferscholarship.org/mksf_cont.html http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/olimpic-cable-park-wakeboard/entry/12/report/ But it all must be an misunderstanding, bescause there is not an clipart that i have found and i did not now that it existed in another design - "my" wakeboarder have i made from a photo taht i found on the internet - http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/wakeboarding-1.jpg therefore i think it is unfair that the design is banned - cause i made my own clipart - not knowing it existed - Thats what a lot of designers do - start with a photo and draw and modify on your own hope this will clearify that i did not have any intention to "steal" - it s not what i do - i do copy form, but i make it my own. best regards andré
  • we don t like the font of Olimpic the font of Cable Park is ok the rider look like Hulk and the cable should come from above.
  • same comments as for your others proposals keep proposing
  • we don t like, the rider should be a wakeboarder , keep proposing
  • Hi sven! I've taken inspiration from the different logos you provided to come up with #17. The wakeboarder is hand-drawn based on several photographs. Colors & fonts are easily changeable. Please let me know if you have any ideas for improving the design. Thanks for the feedback!
  • this one is not very what we look for, continue proposing, its too close from the 80s, give us something more modern
  • we look for a declinaison of this one with more flashy colors if possible
  • hello , OCP in black and smaller let the wave in blue Cable in blue Park in black we like this one the cable should come from above
  • Hello The font should be more sharped, the drawings inside the squares should be as more sharped, please change the rider in the orange square for a skier and add the row, try to put a more freestyle position for the green square and propose other variance of this proposal thanks
  • Hello, We like the green, we like the word Barcelona and the fact that Cable park is highlighted. We don t like the position of the rider, try another rider position. Propose something without the circle.
  • I Apologize for the typo, il fix that right away. And ill try to improve it as well.
  • You are not allowed to use clipart or existing art in logo contests the art u=you used is found here http://www.matthewkieferscholarship.org/mksf_cont.html http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/olimpic-cable-park-wakeboard/entry/12/report/
  • Hello again, just to let you know that we will start to give you feedback later today, keep proposing design and ideas, we will comment them one by one with each of you. We will as well note your proposals. Sven