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Winning design #161 by raksha3133, Logo Design for Olympic Forge  - Horseshoeing Business Contest
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designed by raksha3133

Project description

We are a horseshoeing business based in Washington. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, hoof knowledge, and blacksmithing skills. We need a simple, yet unique and elegant logo that can be used on our website, business cards, etc. and embroidered on shirts. We do not want the traditional anvil in the logo, but would consider a horse head or shape, a horseshoe, and would like laurel incorporated into the design. We would like the horse image to be more of a silhouette or outline (see below). It also might be nice to have the name (or even just "OF") incorporated into the actual logo, instead of just written in at the bottom. We are thinking either black, white, and royal blue or blue and green for the colors. Please read the comments, I have outlined a lot of ideas for the logo there! Here are some examples of logos that we like: http://www.equineoriginals.com/images/tabs/EquineDesign-horse-logo2.jpg http://www.theequinest.com/images/horse-logo-2.jpg http://www.animal-osteo.co.uk/Images/Equine%20logo.jpg http://www.naeaa.com/images/logo-1_1_.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/16842668@N00/5187646964/ http://sample-logos.designerlogoss.com/images/horse-logos-3.jpg http://www.sanctuaryequinerehab.com/IMAGES/draperEquine_Logo.gif http://horsesinthesouth.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/usaet_logo-small.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bQJX79P1Vuk/T0dEX4vSBQI/AAAAAAAAB9o/-yBh9L0P70s/s400/EquineDesign-horse-logo1.jpg http://www.britishshowjumping.co.uk/images/news/medium/NEW_LOGO3.jpg http://www.thetackbox.com/freeholdlogo.jpg

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  • Revised versions as requested #35 #36 - Any further adjustments please let me know. Many thanks
  • dear CH, I posted some new versions #31, #34, #29, #38, #43, #48, #63, let me know what u think
  • Dear Ch, Here is my entry #32 & #33 Hope you like it. Thanks & Regards
  • I tried every format and size, but it just doesn't work
  • I am also having trouble uploading designs... i am getting a server error notice. My file size is correct (infact ive shrunk to 51kb) thinking that might be the problem... i will get in contact with web support now... ???
  • dear ch, I'm trying to upload design already for 10 hours, having problem in my country, waiting support to answer me
  • Hi Ajldesign, We really like your design. We like the shadow in the background and the shape of the lettering, and really like the O. We would like to see this with the line on the left side of the O, the plain one not connected to the horse, as small laurel leaves if possible! We would also like to see how it looks with some color, perhaps the horse head in blue and the laurel in green, and all of the O in blue and in green. Thank you so much!
  • Hello Again kikaaa, We are eager to see your design in a few more variations! Perhaps a few different styles of laurel leaves (I posted a description of one style we'd like to see in a previous comment to you, and any other styles you can come up with) and the writing that we discussed. Thank you so much!
  • Hello Again mwiard, We have just discussed the lion and decided that it isn't applicable enough to horseshoeing. Thank you so much for doing so many revisions for me though! If you are able to do the different horse head we would like to see that, and any other design styles that you come up with, perhaps incorporating the laurel? Thank you very much for your work!
  • Hello Devilishgraphix, We really loved this design, it definitely stands out to us. We discussed it and decided that the lion is not applicable enough to horseshoeing, but we wanted you to know that we thought this was really great! Thank you!
  • Hello Emaginat, Thank you for your designs! We liked the colors that you used but it isn't elegant enough for us. You can look at some of the examples in our brief to see more of the style we are looking for!
  • about #21. I used a different silhouette for you to view.
  • About #19 and #20. I have submitted a professional unique design for your company. hope you like it. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  • Of course! Thank you for your feedback, it helps tailor the logo for what you are looking for. MW
  • Hi mwiard, Thank you for being so quick with your revisions. I like this lion much better, thanks for making that change!
  • Hi BL23, Your design reminds me more of an athletic logo; we are looking for something more elegant and refined, but still strong. If you look at some of the ones that are ranked higher that might give you a better idea of what we want. There are also some links in the brief to other logos that we like. I do like the face and the arch in the neck of the horse that you used, but not the mane or how it lays with the rest of the horse's body. I also like the shadow of the OF that you laid out behind the design, but not when it is filled in with color as you did at the bottom. I hope that helps! Thank you for your work!
  • I welcome any feedback, if my design is far from what is needed...please let me know where I have fallen short.Thank you. #14
  • Hi mwiard, I like the lion in the O as well! However, #13 reminds me of the MGM hotel lion, is there another lion you could do for the O? I also like #12, but because it is roaring it is a little harder to tell that it is a lion! Thanks so much for your efforts!
  • Hello Juuannpa, Another idea - would it be possible for you to put a faint outline of the Olympic Mountains in Washington behind this? It doesn't need to be very detailed, and should keep with the theme of the rest of the logo. It would be neat if you could actually do the same outline as the actual mountains! Thank you!
  • #12 and #13 are two different lions, I changed the background on the blue to show you that all of these O's are essentially cookie cutters, whatever background you have behind it will become the color of that object. Thank you for the input and I will look for something more warmblood or thoroughbred. Thanks, MW