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Winning design #77 by mrbuggy, Logo Design for One Day Presents  Contest
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designed by mrbuggy

Project description

I am starting a music promotion/blog/news site and just recently decided on a name after seeing a "one way" street sign with a sticker over the "w" with a "d" to spell "One Day" and I really liked it. The website and company will be similar to places like or or We need a logo that is pretty minimal but unique and eye catching. Something could play off of the street sign idea maybe or something completely different as long as it for "One Day Presents" 

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  • If I choose you could you take these 3 bars away here? #39
    • @benjaminmeyersclark according to end of time can not send

  • Next could this me changed to Productions ? #39
    • @benjaminmeyersclark Yes İ can do. How can I send? according to end of time can not send

  • you stole my font and my idea..Why ? :((( #67
  • here you are...... New Versia 3 @benjaminmeyersclark Do you like this ? #77
  • One more variation... #76
  • Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I made some changes to the design. Please give me your feedback or any suggestions that would help me move up in rating. Thanks! #75
  • Seems like most of us were heading in the same direction (no pun intended) so i wanted to give it a different feel. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. #70
    • @contajus03 Maybe try another color than red since everyones doing red too lol

    • @benjaminmeyersclark And maybe a slightly different sticker for the d but it looks great good job on uniqueness

  • Can you make the levels even to make an exact "E"? #38
  • Hi,
    I'm create a "ONE DAY PRESENTS" logo contest so catch up my logo and rating five star me
    thank you #68
  • please checked my design,thanks #51
  • New Versia 2 @benjaminmeyersclark Do you like this ? #47
  • NEW VERSIA 1 @benjaminmeyersclark Do you like this #46
  • Update 3 @benjaminmeyersclark #39
  • Update 2 @benjaminmeyersclark #38
  • Update 1 @benjaminmeyersclark #37
  • li like it maybe reverse the "E" music bars things so that it looks closer to an "E"
    • @benjaminmeyersclark yes E music bars also 1 too :)

    • @mrbuggy I mean like swiping the audio equalizer(music bars) facing the other way and make it look slightly closer to an E

  • Hello! @benjaminmeyersclark Thank you for high rating, please take a look on updated version. #33
  • Maybe it you could make it with a little more size to that "d" and and maybe mae the o more pronounced so that it could eb easier to read" one day" #32
  • Hello CH,

    Here's my proposal - #27 and #28. The design is based on your sign idea, but I have changed the arrow to make it look like a play button. Let me know what you think.

  • one day versia 2 #21