ONE Havana Lane

Excellent work - Asiral really understood what I was looking for and delivered above and beyond my expectations. I am thrilled with my logo!

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Winning design #117 by Asiral, Logo Design for ONE Havana Lane Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Asiral

Project description

Hi. I need a logo designed for a rental property. 

1) Hand-drawn quality 

2) Piece of wood with jagged edges

3) Two nails at the top piece of wood (like in the picture)

3) on the wood it says ONE Havana Lane

I want the font style to replicate the actual sign (image attached), except I want it to also have the word Lane on it. So, All caps ONE and then Havana Lane in initial caps and italicized.

Thank you

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  • Hi @Namaste
    I have tweaked the colour of the wood slightly on this version #133, #134.
    Feedback most welcome
  • I hope you like it sir #132
  • I hope you like it sir #131
  • - #129
  • check my design.
  • - #124
  • Hi Namaste
    Please find my entry #107, #135. I have match the original as closely as possible in vector format
    • @Namaste Thank you for the rating, are there any tweaks you would like me to make to the entry

  • ohl #105
  • Hi @namaste here's my revision #89 I hope I'm not misinterpreted your last feedbacks.
    Thanks again. #89
  • About #87, @greghofmann Love this - thank you

  • Please review my proposal #85 #86
  • Hi @Namaste , here it is the revision, feel free to let me know if you need anything else, thank you. #80
  • About #51, @Namaste And one more question: May i use multi colors? Or you need all in one color?
  • About #51, @Namaste I see you downgrade my entry, May i somehow improve it for you?
  • If there is a way to make the words a bit more textured - less perfect - to seem hand drawn that would be appreciated. Thanks - J
  • Hi @Namaste , please let me know what do you think about my design, thank you. #59
  • first your site design contest #56
  • please check, thanks #53
  • About #35, @fishermans This looks really good. May I see it wih the ONE a bit smaller? And the Havana Lane doesn't match the font in the sign - it isn't a script, although the "v" is similar. Is there another script that is more similar to sign?
  • THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUBMISSIONS #6 - can the ONE seem more hand-drawn? And can the O onf ONE be more Oval? - Also, can the edge of the wood be a bit jagged?