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5* for Design Contest. I was very impressed by the volume of designs submitted and my the earnestness and creativity of the contributing graphic artists to accommodate change in direction and details! I was very pleased with winning design and was especially happy with contributions from the winner, Zeus and silver medalist Signature. Thank you, Melinda Morrall One Step Ahead dance studio


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Winning design #186 by Zeus, Logo Design for One Step Ahead Dance Studio logo design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Zeus

Project description

Would like to update my logo as has dated feeling. Often we shorten our name to OSA, but would like full title, i.e. One Step Ahead and the world or graphic for dance noted. Need something to identify which dance! Logo represents a dance studio for children. 3- 20 years. We are big on client relations with dancers and their parents. Established business for 25 years. Offers ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, lyrical, tap, contemporary. Colours are only a suggestion, I am open to input. Thank you!

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  • Hi there Signature, I really like your design! Could I please see for comparison to #13 an emphasis/outline made visually/graphically to the coloured S made of dots. I think that was very clever idea. I like the coloured dots, it reminds me of the coloured gels used on stage lighting. The circular O reminds me of spotlights. I like the futuristic font, makes One Step Ahead look forward thinking and contemporary. I appreciate the graphic option of being placed both above and also beside the font title; beside is useful for letterhead. Could I also please see the design down in only black and white when logo will be used on black and white print. Love the colour selection though. Also perhaps slightly less dots, perhaps just play with this and see what you think. Thanks very much! Melinda
    • Hi Melinda, Thank you very much for liking my designs.. Thanks as well for the ratings.. I have already submitted the revisions on my entries. Please see the revisions! ;) looking forward for your feedback! Thanks!

  • Hi thank you for your entry. I would like the logo to look more font focused, and include the words dance and/or dance studio. The treble clef is interesting as dance is centred on music, but I do not want it a part of my logo. Thank you very much for your time! Melinda
  • Hi thank you for your entry. I would like a logo that is more font focused, and I think the circle format makes it look like a badge that you would get for completing a gymnastic level. Which is not a bad thing, just not what I'm looking for. Thank you very much! Melinda
  • Hi Zeus, I like that this is very tidy and there is some continuity with the dancer graphic, which I do like. Could you please design a log that is word centric, i.e. like Facebook or Microsoft but still incorporates the dancer graphic somewhere. I would also like the work dance inserted. Perhaps One Step Ahead on one line and the word dance below it with the dancer graphic substituted for one of the letters! Thank you!
    • Hi CH Thank you for feedback. Here are my new entries #6 and #7. Enjoy!

  • Hello Zeus, I really like your design. Could you please show me the same design but #1 change the dancer's hair to be in a bun. #2 please show me what it would look like in gray scale. Thank you very much! Melinda
    • Hi Melinda Thank you for your feedbacks. I have submitted entry #45 and #46 with their grayscale samples. Thank you Zeus

  • Thank you for entry. It looks too much like a rhythmic gymnastic club logo. Melinda
  • Thank you for entry, it's too modern for my personal choice. Melinda
  • Do not use same main element from your winning designs in other designs; winninh design: entry removed:
  • Hi again Zeus, please when removing hairline could you reshape head a little, but still have dancer with a bun. Thank you, Melinda
    • Hi Melinda. I made changes that you requested, reshape head and hands in entry #52. I made the one line sample of logo too in entry #53. Thank you. Zeus

  • Hi there Zeus, thank you for changing hair to a bun; looks more classical now. Gray scale also was helpful. Could you please takeout the hairline on head outlining face. Just have as a solid please. Thank you very much! Melinda
  • Hi Melinda, I have just submitted entry #60. I have chosen colors in the logo to show diversity in dances done at the studio. I did not choose a certain type of dance as the logo could be misleading and the studio would be thought as just for one type of dancing (for example Ballet). Basically, the girl is taking a step ahead getting ready to leap, to dance, to give it all she's got. The bold text shows how serious the studio is about dancing and it is also fun (hence the colors). I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you! :D
  • Hello Saeedart, may I please see exact same logo design in the colours of turquoise shading into the same green you have here, but the word ahead in turquoise. Also may I see entire logo in gray scale please. Thank you! Melinda
  • Hello Ammarsgd, this is very interesting desing. This is making my decision most difficult. I like the font ideas, could you please redo only changing dancer graphic to my original logo dancer, i.e. dancer in jump position with side retire, see #88 for dancer graphic. Thank you! Melinda
    • Dear Ch The Graphics logo in briefing tab i use and make changes to logo upload in next 30 minutes. Thanks

    • Hello Ammarsgd, thank you for changing the graphic dancer and yes, it does "read" better placed on the left, than on the right. I think the design is very creative. I think the font focus on "One" is really different, but would prefer a focus on the word "Step". Thank you for your time! Melinda

  • Please, do not use clip art in logo design, your design must be original and created by you; Source:
  • Your entries with dancer silhouette are removed as found to be copy of
  • Do not copy or use clip art in logo; Source:
  • Hi Melinda, I have submitted entries #114 and #115.. Looking forward for you feedback. Thank you. Best Regards
    • could you please re-post 127? We would like another look. Thanks.

  • Good morning Zeuz, may I please see the dancer logo in black. One in pink Step in blue Ahead in green, Please do not change anything else. Thank you, Melinda
  • Hi Zeus, quite fond of this design, just don't think the colour gradient works for this design, not as clean as #45. Thank you, Melinda
  • Hi Mevector, almost looks like dancer is holding a ribbon stick and the O in One is circling her. Interesting but reminds me of a rhythmic gymnastic. I do like other fonts for Step and Ahead and ratio size. Thank you! Melinda