Well run website. First time doing a logo, was more involved than I imagined, was a nice facilitator.

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Project description

Create logo for a startup website that connects small local contractors (plumbing, electrical, hvac, etc) to homeowners with a problem or planning a home improvement project. The logo must have a fun element, and must exhibit a cartoon/charactererture of a man driving a van (its in the name) and again make it fun. I want people to laugh and remember the website when they see it. Will be used on website and on van decals, must mention trades listed above - plumbing/electrical/hvac. My example shows a circle design, that is preferred but not 100% required. NOTE: MUST SHOW "PLUMBING ELECTRICAL HVAC" SOMEWHERE NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER. Thanks. -Matt

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  • hi CH, any suggestions on #5? so i can work on it. thanks!
    • a few things that might help. I definitely need to have the font size the same for plumbing, electrical, hvac. Also I would have the guy just wearing a plain short sleeve t-shirt, it looks like he is wearing a vest, and no special color for his shirt I don't want eyes drawn to that, the website is the most important thing. Lastly maybe try one with the outside framed and one with the font/color inverted (light on dark background). Also one other design used a different color on the word "one" in the website which I liked. Maybe make "one" "man" and "van" stand out separately with different colors. Just some ideas, thanks for your efforts.

    • Hi CH, #10 & #11 are my updates. please don't hesitate to provide suggestion. thanks!

    • sorry for the fonts of the words onemaninavan and plumbing, electrical hvac, as if i will make it the same the word maninavan will less the focus... thanks!

  • I like the the different colors in the website, whatever logo I pick will have that feature. Thanks.
  • I like the the different colors in the website, whatever logo I pick will have that feature. Thanks.
  • The character should not be wearing a tie or hard hat. Also he needs to be on the heavy/chubby side. Thanks.
    • i am sorry for that. #5 is my revision.... thanks!

  • I can't tell difference between 12 and 13. I like the character alot along with the tools, have a few ideas to make it better. Needs to be a van, that looks like a space car, and siren is not necessary. Good job on the fonts on front of vehicle.
    • Hi CH, Thanks for the good rating. What exactly do you mean by "space car"? Could you send an example. The car of my project is advanced. To replace it with a vintage car? The difference between 12 and 13 is that 13 is the new version, but could not erase 12. Thanks!

    • For an example look at some of the other van drawings using #15 as an example. Thanks!!

  • hi Ch, i have updated my design into more noticeable to the readers and clients eyes that will going to visit your site. thanks!
  • My wife said his arms look like he has wings, try dropping them down if thats possible.
  • On the right track, picture needs to be a van that one looks like a car. Also, I need to show a fat guy with a smile instead of a silhouette. Thanks! Matt
  • Hello CH You can tell me if what you are looking for #24 and #25. Character and car are more extravagand, but the impact is good. Best regards!
    • Ursachio - Its a great drawing, not what I'm looking for for my business. Here's a few important things. The guy should be wearing a t-shirt and not a tie. The car is cool but its not a van. Lastly need to work in the phrase "FIND LOCAL HELP" Thank you.

    • sorry...........................................................................................

    • Hello CH, I will try to restore the details and I hope to receive a feedback to arrive at an optimal design. Best regards!

    • Hello CH , About #43 and #44 I tried to restore the details and I hope to receive a feedback to arrive at an optimal design. I used version Super ZMario character with a mustache, famous car mechanic. Best regards! regards!

  • I really like this one. Its simple and easy to read. I need the guy wearing a workshirt/t-shirt not a tie if you can do that. Thanks!
  • I have submitted design #22. Please provide me any feedback you may have! Thank you!
  • Hi CH, Submitted my new design #45, #49 & #53, hope you like the concept. Will appreciate any feedback from you. Thanks.
    • It looks good, will be going over all these this afternoon.

    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, #61 is new entry for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design, so that I can improve it for you. Thanks & Cheers

    • Dear CH, Really thank you very much for high rated on my design #45. Please let me know if you have more comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you. Thanks & Cheers

    • In all designs to simplify remove word "for" so it just reads "find local help". Stick with "one" "man" and "van" in different colors, I like it because it makes the words stand out and not run together. Also on 45 and 61 a different font just for "onemaninavan" I like the font on the van itself. A more curvy,soft font would be great. I like the character you drew my top choice.

    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, I have uploaded new version of #74, #75, #76 & #77 as your requested, hope you like it. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

  • #58 is my another update. please provide feedback. thanks!
  • hi Ch. i have revised my character into more friendly than before. #57 please provide feedback. thanks!
  • Hello CH, thanks for the ranking any feedback is welcome I am registered on this site since March 25 2012 but I haven't worked here for a long time so there are only 40 entries Today I added the logos created for other contest in other sites in my personal portfolio If you are interested to know more about how I work you can look here:
  • I like your design with the ribbon logo however the character is a little over the top. If you could design him to be more friendly and soft looking, dark haired. Some feedback I got was that he looks crazy. Also his hands are not on the steering wheel.
  • Hello Mister CH, I please look at my new entries #54 and #55. Figure driver, car and texts are refined so that they look like an attractive overall and impact. This design can be successfully used on T-shirts, car stickers etc. Thank you!
  • #50 is my update for the logo. please provide feedback. thanks!
  • let me give you some feedback before making another design. I like where your at, stay tuned this evening if you want. Thanks. Matt