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This was a phenomenal contest: we apologize for the delays due to outside business difficulties and illness: have delayed the ending of this contest. Phenomenal entries! CH

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Winning design #202 by Dskwkrs, Logo Design for Onexigo Needs an Awesome Logo! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

Onexigo Medical Billing & Consulting is a company that helps doctors offices develop and improve not only their insurance billing but improve patient care and the efficiency of every aspect of the entire office or offices. The target audience is the doctors and staff that are looking for help of this kind. This name was just chosen through a company naming contest and we are looking for not only the logo but the "theme" and colors of the logo will be the foundation of the website, business cards and all other materials. We look forward to working with you!

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  • About #11 Dear Contest Holder Cross removed. Thanks
  • Beautiful. Please remove the cross... Thank you!
  • Nice try but it does look like a pill... beautiful work: please keep trying!
  • From the Client on 6/5/12 @ 1322 EST in the US: "Like 8 & 7, 5 looks too much like a pill."
  • Nice try but it didn't really catch her attention: please keep trying!
  • She liked it right off the bat... I suggest adding something to get a Logo out of it without the Company name...
  • LClient would like to see variations without the Medical Cross... Great work! Thanks!
  • Direct Client Quote: "I like number 4 the best so far, with number 1 next. I am not really looking to have the medical cross included in the logo, seems too much like a hospital."
  • Great entries that I have forwarded to the client: I will post her comments as soon as possible.
  • From Contest Holder: In the United States "Medical Colors" are traditionally Blue and White but the client likes variations of Green and Purple. I hope that helps explain the kind of bizarre colors chosen as "guides".
  • The name really was chosen because it is cool! :-) We received over 300 entries and the client just liked it. There are a few things though that might help: Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity and long term Commitment to the the client is what the client is already known for under the old company name. She wants a new look and vision and we are depending on all of you to provide it. Thank you and please feel free to contact us at anytime.
  • It's great but we want a logo - but not the name as a logo: we really want a design we can copyright. Please keep trying!
  • Is there a meaning behind the name I'm trying to break it apart to help with the creativity of the design
  • Dear CH, If you want any improvement, feel free to tell us. Thanks, ^^
  • I'll pass it on to the client! Thank you!
  • Dear CH, just for inquiry, is there any meaning behind the "Onexigo" name or what it stands for if its an abbreviation. your reply would be a great help to all the designers. thank you. Kind Regards, finestroke
  • I'm waiting on feedback from the client but I know what she liked as of entry #20!
  • It's interesting: can you lighten it up? It seems dark
  • Looks great but waiting on the client!
  • I like it it! Waiting on client feedback!