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Winning design #208 by H&JDesigns, Logo Design for onhop.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by H&JDesigns

Project description

Vape online sales, we have our own brand, and it's called ONHOP. I would like to take the advantage of the 2 O's in the name, one of the o is the mouth and the other o is the o shaped smoke. I would also like the logo to present fast delivery.

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  • Please ,check my design. #222
  • This is awesome, Can you use the same idea make 1 with out .com.

    thank you for the hard work.

    thank you

    • About #204, @terry890
      Dear CH, I want to give you a logo which satisfy you. thats why i put lot of effort in it. And I am happy to know that you like it. Thank you. I will post without .com soon.

  • Dear Ch. Here I have made some changes. the first small smoke ring i have removed gray color and changed it into black and white. #198
  • if you incorporate .com into the logo, will you be able to make the mouth at the O in Com and the o in hop and on as smokey ring? how will that look/
  • Try another font please.
  • CAn you try a version with onhop.com please #169
  • Can you try another version please?
  • Please check this one and please give me your feedback on #180, Thank You.
  • Dear ch, thanks for the rating. as per your suggestion i have used black and white color. #173
    • @H&JDesigns I really liked many of your designs. I don't know how to make it better, if some how you can make it look more classy . with ONhop and Onhop.com. don't put onhop.com under onhop. I think it's really close to what I want.

  • nice touch, can';t read the words #174
  • with a different font #176
  • Can you take out the red, use only black and white.
    Make a version with .com and one without. have the .com O be part of the smoke ring. Try a different font please. #86
  • sample just uploaded.

  • please use this as sample, make the cigarette more like e-cigarette and with onhop not onhop.com
    thank you

  • Can someone make a logo base on design 111. with Just onhop, and not ONhop.com

    Also make cigarette more like e-cigarette.

    thank you
  • Can you have the smoke looks like coming out of the tip of the e-cigarette please #171
  • i hope you like my work.thanks #168
  • the designer for logo 111 isn't responding, can someone create something like that one, with only Onhop and not onhop.com
  • I would like the color to be black and white please

    thank you

  • Can you make a logo with Just onhop, and not ONhop.com

    Also make cigarette more like e-cigarette.

    thank you

    Terry #111