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Winning design #127 by FlontDesign, Logo Design for Online Lingerie and Toy Company needs classy yet fun design Contest
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designed by FlontDesign

Project description

Basically, we offer lingerie to fit the client and toys that will fit their needs. This is a confidential site that the client can either interact with us or simply enter a certain amount of information and the site will guide them to their purchase. A basic sales model, applied to the web. Our success will depend on the clients ability to navigate the site and the "pop" of our logo will certainly help to entice new clients.

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  • My entry is #15. I always design logos in one-color, then discuss with the client any changes before introducing color to the final design. My inspiration here was a feather - which the font conveys. I believe this exudes the "classy, yet fun" sentiment you desire. Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to rework. I'm also submitting a design without the feathered wing underneath. Best, JerseyKansan
  • #9 is identical to #8, but has been scaled to a less-imposing size.
  • #2 + #3 Simple, playful text, and will look good on top of your sites background
  • HGD
    HI CH! This i my entry #1. The colors are femine-ish. i also add the silhouette to add sexiness. Thanks!
  • Hi! Is this your website So we can get an idea of colors and styles or do you have other prefrences. Also do you want it to say "taras tickle trunk" on the logo? Thanks
  • Dear CH, this version is a little more feminine than #46. - regards.
  • #61 clean and classy design. Will work well on web pages because of the shape. Printed material can be done with or with out the reflection
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • HGD
    #35. A combination of a stand-a-lone icon and typo brand. Hope you like it. thanks!
  • Noticed you rated #29 higher than #30. Do you prefer that font? I suggest I should probably reorganize the placement of the font so that it doesnt accidentally read as "Tara's Trunk Tickle" and have it like #30 but in that font.
  • A more elegant version of #29 with better font and a small change to placement.
  • A basic concept so far of a woman's bustier and stockings, formed from the shape of a heart. Still playing with the fonts and let me know if there is any specific ones you want or colour changes.
  • Two curvy T's make up the shape of a female body. Let me know if this is the right direction and if you'd like any changes to the design. Thank you.
  • Text may be altered as well as the font, many thanks
  • Dear CH My logo is #95. As the target of your shop is feminine, I choosed to develop a creative concept for the logo, instead of showing a sexually obvious picture. Indeed, the sexuality of the average women is something rather secret and misterious, and should be alluded by implicite ideas. That's why I represented a bed in fire, a visual game which suggests passion and erotism. The pink colour is associated with charm and pleasure.
  • Hi Tara, I've create a logo thinking in the concept that you want, I made a comic to give fun, but using a classy font to give it more status. I thank to you any suggestion or commentary about logos from #87 to #90. Regards
  • @Contest Holder: *laughs* Thankyou. I just need to know more details of what you're looking for with fonts and placements. And if you prefer #29 because of the font or the graphic. I need these to fit your needs :)
  • Sampdesign... I really like what you are doing with the logo. This is going to be harder then I thought.