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Winning design #63 by skwebmedia, Logo Design for Online Outdoor Gear Seller Contest
Gold Medal

designed by skwebmedia

Project description

Company name is Gearzelle. We are an online store selling used outdoor gear. We specialize in bicycles and would like the logo to incorporate a gazelle with a bike. Maybe a gazelle with gears as wheels for legs? We used the gazelle in our name to stand for speedy service so would like to project speed as well.

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  • do not use clip-art in logo design. clip-art:
  • Dear CH, i send another one proposal , its #32 . Thank you, best regards. João Santos
  • Thanks for the commet! I've done some modifications. I hope your feedback. Regards!
  • Creative idea with the head and gear antlers. Just think it looks more deer than gazelle though. Thanks
  • Thanks for the submission, I definitely am favoring the designs that do not grow to much vertically. Prefer the more horizontal integration of graphic with text.
  • Like the design but do not like the font. Thanks
  • Like what you did with the G, but do not like the "plain" gazelle hovering over the text. Thanks
  • #23 heres my first design for your contest feedback is welcomed thank you Alex.
  • Thank you for the submission, but I do not like the front legs as a gear in this design.
  • Like this one the best of the three you submitted. 7 is too busy and 2 just does not flow as well as 4. In 4,I see GEATZELLE instead of GEARZELLE, can you change it so the R is clearer? Thank you for your submission
  • Like the design and color scheme. Do not like the font very much, the Z looks like a 2 to me. Thank you for your submission.
  • Hello CH, I look forward to any comments you have for #3, thank you! Colleen
  • Made the changes and uploaded a new file. Thanks!
  • Thank you for the design sushime! Feedback was provided.
  • Will give me more feedback after I get a few more in to compare it to. I like the concept, possible modifications: 1 - Increase the darkness of the gear so it shows more prominently 2 - I had trouble making out the "ll"'s - any idea on making them clearer? Perhaps all CAPS so the bottom of the L shows?
  • Dear CH, I submitted design #1. Any feedback you have would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  • #49 is my revision of #23 i have made it more horizontal as you wanted, more feedback is welcomed thank you Alex.
  • Hi CH, about #46 & #47, a revision of #8, made the font in all caps, if you have anything in mind that you like to change just let me know... thanks.. mark.
  • Similar comment I made to #8, possible to see in an all caps font version? Thanks
  • Could I see this in an all caps version and/or different font? I am finding I like the blocky all caps fonts the best. Thanks!