Online PA business needs vibrant logo. Must be professional, but not afraid of being different!

FODZ was awesome to deal with after I had finally chosen a design. I received 91 entries, 11 above the expected average for the fee nominated. I got down to the final 11 and had to ask clients/friends/family what they thought to make a decision as they were all fantastic. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone and will undoubtedly use it again :) Thanks Michelle Hollemans Director Virtually Assist

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Winning design #78 by fodz, Logo Design for Online PA business needs vibrant logo. Must be professional, but not afraid of being different! Contest
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designed by fodz

Project description

Please dont use "VA" as it already exists. Not sure really, but I dont want a boring logo. I am after something that I can "flow on" from. As in it looks good on business cards as well as a website or the side of a car etc. If that's not helpful, please ask me questions :)

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  • I'll be back later... deadlines are calling :)
  • Nice use of the lettering, but a little on the tame side. Thanks for your entry :)
  • Eyecatching, but just doesn't feel right. I know that answer sucks, but I just cant put into words why I dont like it. Thanks very much though :)
  • I'm down to your last design. I like the tick idea, but something is just not quite right.... I'll ponder a bit more :)
  • Has some good elements, would fit well on all media types. Not into the dots & the scriptive text is hard to read. Thankyou for your efforts :)
  • Hi. Thanks for your design. I'm not into the dots though :)
  • Eye catching & vibrant, well done. Unfortuantely the small "va" has already been used by another firm. Feel free to submit a variation if you'd like though :)
  • Vibrant, but not into the dots. Preferred your other design :)
  • Very fresh! Is the cut outs at the bottom a "Matrix" type feel? If yes, any chance you could get it to be a little more recognisable & maybe put a line or 2 vertically through the symbol at the top??
  • Hi. I'm after something vibrant & eyecatching. Good design, but way too "within the box" for me. Thanks
  • Hi, similar to last one, so same comment. Thanks!! :)
  • The tick is great, no globe though. I'll check out the others you have submitted :)
  • I'm after something vibrant & eye catching, but thankyou for your hard work :)
  • Hi. Is the symbol a "V"? If yes, any chance you could square it up a bit so it's obvious? Thanks :)
  • Hi otsenre68 Thanks for your entry, looks good. Checking them all out now and will rate soon, thanks :)
  • Here's idea #23, hope you like. Thank you!
  • Your design is too close to another designer idea/concept please check the entries befor submitting so this does not happen
  • dear CH, i had posted my 1st entry #56 , i had made it modern , clean and elegant.... thank you..
  • one design only unless the ch requests to see more versions in an entry
  • Please resubmit your design with the logo only, don't include any extras or icons unless you submit them as separate entries.