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Winning design #277 by SCH, Logo Design for Online Trading Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SCH

Project description

WorldWideMarkets Ltd is an online trading broker for forex (like eTrade but for currency trading). Our new logo must communicate a rock solid financial company (we are holding customers’ money and are the counterparty to their trading) that is also at the leading edge of technology and financial engineering sophistication. Our customers are male, young (25-40 years old) and enjoy the exciting risk/reward of forex trading. They are both novice and experienced. They are primarily international; Middle East and China for example. Please review our website (or use this following link to gain access if you are coming from a US IP address for additional perspective. The main Flash banner there reflects the general aesthetic we like better than the design of the rest of the site (we plan to update the site next). As the company operates in multiple countries speaking multiple languages, a good logo design might incorporate an icon and/or make use of a symbol in addition to the company name (it is OK to have the company name in English). Maybe try one in the same vein as the round BMW shield for example. No globes please. The brand colors are blue and orange (as you can see on the website) and all designs should include them to some degree. The logo should be scalable - a special challenge since WorldWideMarkets is a long word. It should be usable on both dark and light backgrounds. We of course want many different suggestions so don’t be afraid to show us your full range of ideas.

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  • Hi CH Have a look at #31, WWM are a graph going up at the second W. Thanks Andrei
  • SCH
    Hi CH, Thank you so much for your comments, please check the revision: #128 & #129 best regards sch
    • |--|

      SCH wrote:
      Hi CH, Thank you so much for your comments, please check the revision: #128 & #129 best regards sch
      |--| I am checking with Admin. Will advise ASAP. thanks. I want to finalize this quickly also and don't want to make you wait or do too much work beyond being the winner.

    • |--|

      SCH wrote:
      Hi CH, Thank you so much for your comments, please check the revision: #128 & #129 best regards sch
      |--| SCH - I uploaded a rough image under the brief. Do you see how this one is a little more refined and less rough. I'm not saying it should be exactly like this - frankly it is a little close to looking like a dice for gambling - but it may give you an idea for how to do one more version. OK?

  • #137 , #138 AND #139 , Dear CH, hope you like my design. Let me know if you want to make some changes.
  • #133 Hello CH, Please review my new submission #133 and let me know if this is more in line with what you're looking for and if you would like to see any changes. Thanks:)
  • Dear CH is possible to review any of my entries so i can send the final project ? I was think put - online trading - in the middle of the icon and the letter..
  • Ohhhhh i can send my final design with the "online trading" :((((
  • Already includes the logo "Online Trading". What do you think now? And I think the small changes that you did make it lighter as its logo. #121 , #122, #123 , #124 Thank you for your attention
  • Looking better all the time. Thanks all. I eliminated a number of designs and also provided feedback on many. It is not mandatory, but adding "Online Trading" as a subtle descriptor worked well on some designs (tells people what we do in very few words.)
  • nicely done. the design elements there remind me of wheat, so not high tech enough
  • Symbol is good. can you try it add ing 'Online Trading' subtly. Also a version in black and white
  • i like it. someone siad it looks a little too "delicate" though
  • nice but too 'artistic" for our industry. also the colors are not ours.
  • icon with the arrows makes it too complex and busy
  • ok but it should use our colors (if you choose to use colors)
  • Nice, but looks too much like Boston Market
  • can u do one that subtly incorporates both corporate colors. also, the company name is WorldWideMarkets (one word)
  • Not bad
  • I do like both of these. Comments are that WorldWideMarketrs is one word. Also the icon is directionally good, but I think a little too complex visually still. Also - One sme of the others they added the words Oline Trading in a subtle way which I like as a basic explanation of what we do.
  • Hi Contest Holder. Some feedback for my entries #111 and #112 would be appreciated. Thanks Tehtree
  • Sorry, your entry is too similar to another designer's entry:; please be careful next time.