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DesignContest brought in more than 500 design for our corporate logo with some outstanding submissions. Sunnyali1451 was fantastic to work with and responsive to any questions. Would certainly work with them again and will use Design Contest for any future work.

$475 paid

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Winning design #389 by Sunnyali1451, Logo Design for Open Water Capital Partners Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sunnyali1451

Project description

Open Water Capital Partners provides financial solutions for energy companies to grow and develop their businesses.  We are a small nimble team of driven professionals who left established careers to build a concept we believe in.  We chose the name “Open Water” for two reasons: 1)Open water is a place with no margin for ambiguity, we have 100% confidence in our team and strategy 2)For the last fifteen years, we’ve all navigated the channels of our profession to arrive at open water, a place where we can grow unbounded.

Logo should convey elements of conviction, strength, and confidence in simple and clean concept.

Please note winning design will need to be re-versioned to include vector versions for use on all backgrounds.  Additionally, if using shading/etc, please submit a clean version as well.

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  • To be able to see an effective use of the design. #518
  • Vertical Layout for the minimalist logo #516
  • Because less is more and clients will recognize a clean design can bring a company into view as being organized and intellectual about their business choices. #515
  • Going full Sail with a Horizontal layout #514
  • Full Sail as you traverse the open waters express your confidence to your clients by showing can navigate the roughest of seas with this semi detailed Sailboat logo #513
  • Show clients that you are in your element amongst the open waters with the creature that freely roams the ocean with grace. I choose this style to provide something that not only stands out and is eye catching, but a design that represents the grace and confidence Whale's have traveling the open ocean to state too your clients that they can have a similar confidence with your company. #512
  • Please sir check this entry. #509
  • Please sir check this entry. #506
  • and this is the form of presentation appearance if used in paper media #504
  • Hay Rrockey
    I have uploaded a design concept in your contest, in the logo design concept I use a clean and simple concept so that it is easy to apply in various media and easy to remember the logo design.

    Hope you like it :)
    Best regards #503
  • Please sir check this entry. #502
  • I design this #496
  • This logo has several meanings.
    Circle logo to represent the letter O in Open.
    The letter W in a circle to represent the letter W in Water.
    This logo has the letter C upside down to represent Capital.
    Water above the consideration of dripping water for sure. There is an up arrow to read the company continues to grow with certainty. When seen as a whole, the water as the head of a person, it appears that people with hands facing up like someone who is winning.
    The blue color represents comfort.
    And the silver gray color represents seriousness, stability, and responsibility. #493
  • Konsep logo open water #492
  • This logo is a combination of the letters O, W, C, and P. This logo describes it as a place for developing business (shown by up arrow). Blue line 3 (letter W) illustrates that finance will flow or improve continuously. #491
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #479
  • Dear sir
    please check this version, i used sea and sun concept.
    sea is know for open water without boundaries and sun too stands for open source.
    1. i used OW combination , o for sun and w for water wave.
    hope you like. Thanks #475
  • Hello @rrockey. Please check my design, thank you :) #465
  • design 03 #462
  • My 2nd Entry ^_^ #461