Trade Beyond the Walls

Hello, I am very pleased with the process designcontest because we had various options with global vision during the contest, and finally dedy hartanto really satisfied us in our needs, I highly recommend using designcontest.


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Winning design #34 by Champ0i, Logo Design for Trade Beyond the Walls Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Champ0i

Project description

Open Store Launch of "Open Store" as a mark of a high traffic website that emulates a traditional mall, serving to the end consumer, which gets many benefits as a variety of products, low prices, discounts Crusaders, exclusive promotions, secure shopping online and delivered nationwide. "Open Store" emulates the experience of buying a traditional mall with the advantages of comfort, convenience and safety when you buy from your Lap Top In "Open Store" small businesses and entrepreneurs can "open" virtual store to offer their products to the final consumer, "Open Store" with a strong sense of closeness and accessibility 24 hours a day. Values and Personality: Practicality, Opportunity, comfort, convenience, Affordable, confidence, strength and powerfull Development required: Logo with Web applications, Print, Billboards, TV Style: Wordmark, letterform, Character

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  • More than trade beyond the walls i'd say business beyond the walls
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  • he dejado una nueva propuesta para su logo numero #17 y # 14, espero y les guste. se puede observar con mayor calidad en este link un saludo.
  • he dejado mi propuesta , espero y les guste, un saludo...
  • Hi, good option. Could you change the color. Please red and black instedad the blue and gray. And .mx instead of .com Thanks Thanks.
  • Another good one. The same.. please variations around this idea and .mx instead of .com Thanks
  • Hi, this is a good one. Could you try some variations with this idea? and please put .mx instead of .com Thanks
  • Could you try with diferent fonts...? And italic/regular.. Thanks
  • Too similar to another entry. Be more original please :)
  • About #46, 47& 48 hi ch, please give feedback.... thank you
  • hi mtymex, here is my revision of 22 and 12... .com replaced by .mx... in 31 and 32... If any changes feel free to request.. Alvin
  • Could you put the dot black instead of white? Thanks
  • Could you put .mx instead of .com (22 and 12) Thanks
  • Could you try putting a shopping car instead a shoping bag? Thanks
  • Could you send some examples with different colours and fonts? Thanks in advance
  • Could you restore #34' the one withe label.. Was deleted by error.. Thanks
  • Me retiro, saludos para todos y felicidades para el ganador.
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please find my new designs uploaded: #68, #69, #70, #71, #72 and #73. Please tell me if you like them. Thanks & Regards, Premiumlogo
  • Hi, i dont understand in point -sephia -continuous pattern -reticle design please explain to my email thanks
  • hi can you please send the application to: black and white Grayscale sepia continuous pattern and reticle design thank you very much