I think too much resembled proposal and perhaps not enough real graphic ;-(


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Winning design #96 by pedroqueiros, Logo Design for OPUS 44 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pedroqueiros

Project description

Opus 44 is a web startup specializing in data aggregation. His target is B to B. Opus 44 decline a range of products and the first one is a solution for real estate brokers.

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  • jmw
    Hello, it's too complex
  • jmw
    i read two logo 044 and opus 44
  • there's a big difference on the design. It's not my problem if the CH gave me a highest points because CH much like my design rather than the others.
  • copying a design? take a look on the design. My design http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/opus-44/entry/10/ don't have underline and the position of opus was on the left side followed by the symbol 44. His design http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/opus-44/entry/10/ have 2 underline and a shadow with original symbol. So what's the point of copying a design
  • Copy of the design http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/opus-44/entry/10/
  • jmw
    Hi ItsMoh, Thank you for your job, but it does not appeal to me ;-( I dont like the picto...probably too strict or to geometric...not enough "graphic"
  • Hi CH, just a not on my entries - #38 the symbol is 2 upside down 4's making an arrow figure and #36 is two 4's with one upside down making a map-marker figure. Thanks, Moh
  • Hi CH, I submited #59 , #50, #43. Hope you like them. I will apreciate some feedback Thanks
    • jmw

      Hi Savina, Sorry, i dont like #59 and #50 and he X in #43 makes me think of something other than data aggregation...

    • jmw

      Hi, I do not see # 65 !!!! ;-((

  • Your entry was voted as a copy of http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/opus-44/entry/31/ Try to be more original next tome.
  • Hello there, Please check my designs #117 and #118. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
    • jmw

      Hello, I dont like. Sorry.

  • jmw
    Hello everyone, Thank for your job but now I do not find the logo that suits me. I eliminate 2 wishes - the blue color - the idea that the pictogram represents a point on maps I hope that this will allow different insipirations Best regards
    • Oh Kay, Will you also be changing the name and prize amount?

    • jmw

      Heu...no. It's the same name and the same brief. I only reduced my requirements.

    • Hello Contest holder, please check my entries #99, #98 and #97. Thank you for your attention

    • jmw

      Yes i like it. I dont know what is my favorite color...I watch it with my partner at the end of the day (in 8 hours).

    • Thank you very much, I will wait for more feedback. Thank you again

  • Hi CH, please check my designs #54 , #55 , #56 , #57 and #58 . I hope you like it!
    • jmw

      Hi Basicstyle, Sorry but i am not fanatic....

  • Hi, Please check my submitted design #125 . thanks