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Winning design #85 by samhitha, Logo Design for Organic home-farm-garden store needs your homespun, rustic creative logo! Contest
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designed by samhitha

Project description

Dear amazing creative folks. We are “Grow Organic” , a new retail business in Hood River, Oregon. Grow Organic is a home, farm and garden shop that will carry a host of organic farm and garden supplies for the Columbia Gorge area community. We will be targeting local gardeners, small organic farmers as well as some Do It Yourself-ers (DIY) for products like cheese making, canning, pickling, etc. We will also carry organic feeds for people who have chickens and goats and other pets. Basically, our largely local audience cares about their health and environment

Hear are some links to other stores that we think are good models for Grow Organic:

As for the logo, it will be used on our website, the store front, letterhead, advertising, etc.

Some thoughts
* As for the dimensions of the logo, we would like it rectangular to fit horizontally on a website
* The word “Organic” should be smaller then “Grow.” This is very important. We want the store’s name to be known as “Grow”, slightly deemphasizing “organic.” Organic is important to be in the name but we feel that the store should be known as a single word; “Grow.”
* In our last loo, we replaced the “O” in “Grow” with a sunflower. We like that! Other ideas might be a sun or other type floral motif but If you choose to use it, you can get this particular sunflower at:

* One idea that we had and would love to see someone to get inventive with the actual wording. Maybe spell out the word “organic” using a combination of vegetables and/or farm animals: rabbits, goats, chickens, bees, etc. For instance, use an egg in place of the “O” of Organic. I don’t know how possible this is and I’m sure you’ll have to arrange some of the vegetables in a specific way to make certain letters, but it is something that could be interesting. If you look at our logo examples we like below, they did this for the DIY icon with tools.

* Another option would be to add a tag into the logo.
O r g a n i c
Home ~ Farm ~ Garden

* Colors: earth tones.
* Font: nothing too fancy or modern. More Garamond then Arial
* Style: homestead/ homespun/ homemade/ woodblock/ engraving/ inviting/ friendly/ natural/ organic
* If you choose to include some large, significant imagery, please avoid a large chicken as it’s overused in our industry. Also, please do not use any local images like Mt. Hood or the Columbia River Gorge. Those too are overused. Fruits & Veggies, Flowers, Fams, Farmers, etc are good.

Some logos we like:
Like the idea of using tools to spell the logo.
Same concept as above.
Natural and artistic
Unique, Artistic.
This is out favorite one. Actually we like Steven Noble’s work a lot - You can see some of his other designs at:

Lastly, I just want to make sure everyone knows that we are not a corporate company and our logo should reflect a small, local garden shop.

Thanks and please ask questions. We’ll try to be very responsive and honest in our feedback.
Best of luck
Jeff and Ket

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  • Dear CH, I just noticed my entry #13 has a 's' at the end of organics... I apologize, if interested in concept I can take it off. Thanks!
  • cool handle design symbolizing a world surrounded by vegetable fields and any comments and suggestions are welcome thanks.
  • cool handle design symbolizing a world surrounded by vegetable fields and any comments and suggestions are welcome thanks.
  • Noticed I had pluralized Organic, so I revised and made a few other adjustments such as adding "Home. Farm. Garden", ghanging the Grow font color and generally cleaning up some spacing issues. Thank you for your consideration of my design. Any input you have for all us designers is greatly helpful.
  • We like the other one better. Just going to eliminate this one so you focus on the other one
  • We like this one. Maybe some changes like replacing the pumpkin with a goat and/or chicken, maybe add some garden tools (pitchfork, hoe, water bucket etc).
  • Not homemade looking enough
  • Not homemade looking enough
  • Not homemade looking enough
  • I like that it's different, but not exactly what we are looking for. thanks though
  • Nice design, but not quite what we had in mind.
  • I like your other one better
  • We like this one a lot. The text area needs a little pizazz. Maybe add the sunflower to replace the "O". Please play with it a little more, but you are on a good track!
  • Hi everyone. If you are looking for inspiration for our logo, please check out Steve Noble's woodcut designs at:
  • Too modern and needs more context.
  • Too clean, cold, modern... need something rustic, friendly...
  • Seems like this is the same as the other one, just smaller. Not "wrong direction", just looks like a duplicate.
  • Too global... we're more about local grown, community-based agriculture.
  • We like the asymetrical design and the leaf motif. However, the style should be more rustic, homespun. Please take inspiration from: Thank you!
  • Thanks for the effort. A little too simple