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Very happy! This was a great and easy process. Love our new logo!


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Winning design #76 by Pomegraphix, Logo Design for Orlando Beer Tours Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Pomegraphix

Project description

We want to have a "Florida" feel to the logo.. Colors wise, we are thinking a reddish orange and aqua or navy blue even... We like the circular design a good bit, but we're open to seeing something different. As long as it still looks like a badge of sorts. We want a beach/marine type font, but nothing that feels cartoony or childish. A city skyline would be cool to see as well. The attached logos are all that we really enjoy. 

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  • Thanks very much for the feedback. I have uploaded two new versions that include hops and no cursive font. Please let me know if you would like to see any other changes! Best, Quelita #78
  • Great color! Thank you! I want to experiment with the design.. Could you replace the orange with beer glasses somehow? Thank you. #71
  • Could I see some changes in color to this design please? Thank you so much for your efforts. #48
    • @csolar Let me know if you like the new colour or if you have any preference. thanks #69

    • @Pomegraphix Could you try the light blue in just the inner circle? We really like the design.

  • Very nice! I will let you know soon what else to do #56
    • Could you make it a darker blue. Thank you for your work. About #56, @csolar

  • The banner is curved downwards a bit much. Also could you make the wine glasses into pint glasses? Thank you for your efforts! #66
  • Thanks for this design! Could you change the font of Orlando. The cursive is harder to read. Also add some hop cones please. Thank you! #63
  • Love the sunset.. Could you use the same blue as in #52? Also add an "Est. 2015" #53
    • @csolar Hello. i change some element, if you have any remark, let me know.

  • Please let me know if you would like to see any changes. Best, Quelita #62
  • The only thing I can think of right now is to make the banner a little bigger still. "Beer Tours" and "Est 2015" seem to small. Thank you. #56
  • Very cool design! Could you switch "Orlando" and "Beer Tours" #51
  • These are coming along really nicely! Two things:

    Is there space to incorporate some hops? Not many, but a couple might look nice.

    Second, I'm not sure which color, but I want to see changes in the inner circle where the beer pints are.

    Thank you! #48
    • @csolar Actually... maybe the outer circle should change colors... I'm just looking for some contrast. Thanks!

  • Great design.. Could you change the orange in the water and leaves? , @Pomegraphix
    • About #41, @csolar Thanks for the ratings. let me know if you have any comments for the other two versions I submitted #47, #48 .

  • This is one of our favorites... But we asked around, and want some changes...

    Could you make the "Beer Tours" bigger?

    Make the Orange slice smaller?

    And try one with just a sun instead of the orange?
    Thank you #42
  • Here it is a little darker. #40
    • @LatishaBollema We like it much better! Thank you!

  • Interesting design. I like going in a different direction! Maybe make the beer tours bigger.. #37
  • This is our favorite from you so far! Great work. I love the detail and the beer mugs at the bottom. #36
  • The dark one is the best. Great design! Thank you! Maybe even a little darker though could be better. #34
  • I'm not sold on the flower petal design.. Everything is looking great though. Thank you! #35
  • These changes look really cool. I like the extra detail and the "est 2015"
  • Here is the updated logo with three different beer color options. #34