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Winning design #74 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Orthopaedic Consulting Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by antoneofull

Project description

Consulting company that provides services in Orthopaedic and Endurance Sports medicine. Looking for a professional and clean logo with some fine details that make this logo standout. Will need to be designed for black and white backgrounds. This will mostly be placed on cycling/triathlon uniforms (usually sublimated on lycra material). Looking for a "mark" that will symbolize the company. The "mark" can be paired with the wording of the company or the "mark" on its own. Good example is Bentley. The logo should invoke a desire for the customer to be a part of a company that is professional, "front running," and sharp. Colors: Black and Silver with subtle red accents Company Name: Shilt Orthopaedic Consulting Services (SOCS)

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  • hi CH, can you have a take a look on #38, need your suggestions, thanks!
  • Hi - like your design. Could we see a version with a bit less red and in a darker red (similar to logo #25) Thanks.
  • Hi - Like your design! Can we see a version with a red that's more similar in color to logo #25.
  • Hi - Like your design! Can we see a version in a darker red, something more similar to logo #25. Thanks.
  • Hi - like your design! Would like to see the mark with a little fatter red/black swoosh (or thinner "S"). Also would love to see the type in a more modern face. Thanks.
  • Hi - like your design. Would love to see it without the wheelchair icon and using a red color similiar to #25. Thanks.
  • ...also like S and O of Shilt Orthopaedics to be mildly larger than the rest. See #73 or #74
    • Hello! Moderator.. sorry to say but i don't think it is similar to #53 and please short it out ASAP as it's approaching deadline.. Thanks Dexmind

    • Dear Moderator please clarify me how this two design are similar... #84 & #53 Regards Dexmind

    • jshilt, I am sorry but entry 79 has been removed because it too much like another designers entry

  • Don't want consulting services in red
    • thanks for your feedback... i'll try to make a changes on it....

  • Would "rotate" mark in clockwise fashion to make S more upright; C would become more upright as well
  • This is interesting...need mark to be more representative of SOCS. Could see that red and black designs around "S" could be made into subtle "O" and "C" with some design and color changes.
  • Need black option...change font to resemble #53...put mark on end instead of on top
  • Mark is winning me over...don't want to over engineer, but any variations possible without changing primary theme?
    • #53 #54 #55 variations of the design. Thank you for appreciating my work Jctoledo

    • |--|

      jctoledo {*wrote*}:
      #53 #54 #55 variations of the design. Thank you for appreciating my work Jctoledo
      |--| still hoping for something a little different or bold.

  • very professional. like font. bit boring, but sharp mark. Any way to make the mark more interesting and specific to SOCS? For example, when I see #39 mark alone, it will always be just SOCS. In #53, there is subtleties of an s, o, c within the design that make it more interesting.
  • I need some font options...#53 or #59 or better. Apply different options if you have them...like consulting services to be more subtle in comparison to Shilt Orthopaedic. Also don't want Shilt Orthopaedic "red"
  • Not crazy about fonts, but like the mark a lot.
  • Mark is not distinctive of SOCS...not sure it can stand alone.
  • The mark is not distinctive of SOCS...not sure it would reflect company as a stand alone.
  • Can you show me the logo tucked in on the right like you have in #3? Thanks. Really like your font. Like how you incorporated SOCS into the mark you have created.
  • Like the smaller font in "consulting services", but need something more modern in "Shilt Orthopaedics". Like contrasting the two. Logo is simple, clean, but not necessarily unique. Still in running...
  • Can you switch the red and black on "Shilt and Orthopaedic" Thanks
    • Can you switch the red and black as described above. Thanks