Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine of Dallas

Very pleased with the process and result. I would recommend this highly. I also highly recommend "dreamerme", , who designed our logo and I would gladly use again. Thank you.

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Winning design #97 by dreamerme, Logo Design for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine of Dallas Contest
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designed by dreamerme

Project description

New logo for orthopaedic surgery group specializing in minimally invasive procedures for active individuals. Our practice focus, down to furnishings and artwork in the offices, is "motion/movement." We want a logo that conveys this. It can incorporate our initials, OSSM, but that is not absolutely necessary. We want something that separates us from the typical running man figures used by many orthopaedic practices.

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  • Can you try removing the dots and making what was a spine just more "motion"? That might work.
    • Hello, I can provide the concepts, but coz I have exceeded the 3 upload option limit, can you please increase the rating so that I can submit the new designs? Thanks.

  • Good concept. Can make the figure less "cartoonish" and possibly incorporate the initials OSSM in him?
  • Interesting idea but it looks more like Westinghouse than Orthopaedics.
  • Doesn't suggest motion and looks like UV lights under a car.
  • We don't do hands and spine. Knees, hips and shopulders.
  • We do not perform spine surgery. Mainly knee, hip and shoulder. If you can incorporate one or more of those it would be better.
  • We do not perform spine surgery. Mainly knee, hip and shoulder. If you can incorporate one or more of those it would be better.
  • Hi CH, I just submitted entry #15. Tried to create movement using the font itself. Please provide me any feedback. Thanks Carmine
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #12 and #14 any feedback would be gladly appreciated! Best Regards, Anaid
  • I came up with that. We would like something sleeker, more high-end an appearance.
    • I have updated my entry. #11 is sleeker, more high quality, and represents motion. I hop you like this design. I do!

  • Can you make the emblems to the left resemble something like a knee, or somehow look more like motion? Sorry, that's not a good description but I can't put better words to it
    • I just submitted #29, hope you will like it. Best Regards, Anaid

  • Looks a little too much like a dog treat ad. Can you do something different than the bones?
  • Too plain.
  • Looks more atomic than we want to appear.
  • Like the motion idea. It's a little heavy. Can you try some other variations? Thank you!
  • Has potential. Can you show us some other variations on it? Thank you.
  • The tree is a common orthopaedic emblem, actually a crooked tree being straightened. That is a little old school for what we are looking for.
  • Can you make the font a little bolder, so it is easier to see from a distance. This is a design we like. Any other variations you could think of too. Thank you.
  • Like using the S's as legs but they look crippled. We are all about fixed legs. Also, not wild about the leaves.
  • I feel dyslexic