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Winning design #195 by fazdlisham, Logo Design for OST Capital Contest
Gold Medal

designed by fazdlisham

Project description

I would need a logo for a new investment firm. The logo should be modern and neutral, in muted colours (blue, grey). Ideally the logo should contain a graphic / pictoral mark, with the name next to it.

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  • Dear CH - pls take a look at my design #21. I'd appreciate if you let me know what you think about it. Thank you in advance. Regards.
    • I like it. Please can you delete the word "investments" from the logo, and also minimise the shading effect in the "OST", and then re-send. Thanks

    • Pls find attached #51 and #52. This is what you've asked for and also a variation . Thank you

    • Can you design logo without copy mine entries #1 and #2

  • Dear designer, the court decided it's a copy. Please be more original. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/ost-capital/entry/1/
  • I'm sorry that you decided my work is a copy - I never look at the other works before uploading mine becuse I don't want to suggest myself by other's ideas. On the contrary - many times I saw designs similar to mine in other contests but always thought the CH could see everybody's concept. Therefore - pls colud you withdraw all of my designs except #78 in this cotest. Thank you.
  • Hi CH, Please view my entry #67 and #68. Need your feedback to improve it. Thanks
  • #56 A completely different approach. Feedback would be much appreciated. Best Regards
  • About #57. This is another icon that i have created for your company. Feedback would be great. Thanks.
  • TO CH ABOUT #53. i created a cool simple icon for your company that looks good in black and white. Feedback would be great. Thanks for your time
  • Thank you. Actually thinking about it, the logo could be viewed as five fingers with the middle finger doing a rude gesture. Is there a way to tweak this to avoid this potential issue? Say only 3 bars, or 7 bars?
    • You're right... Can't believe I didn't see it untill now... Please check #40 #41.

    • This looks great. Can you make the font colour back to the grey and black of the previous versions. I have no further comments at this stage. Thanks

    • I just noticed that the gaps between the lines in #44 are a bit uneven. Fixed it in #45.

    • entry #46 is like entry #40 ,just with even gaps..

  • Hello Ch , check out #42 , #43 . eliminate the unwanted ones so I can submit more designs for you. cheers.
  • Any thoughts about #34 ? , if not please . kindly remove it so I can submit more. Regards
  • Dear CH May you be so kind and tell me about the issue with #13 and #12? So I am able to improve it. Best Regards
    • The logo is a bit too much, too complicated although I like the idea behind it. Something simpler is what I am looking for.

    • Are you averse the shadow effects or the logo in general. Is the type to your satisfaction?

  • I really like this. Can you pls take text font / size / colours from entry 33 and combine with the logo from entry 32, and place logo above the text. Thanks
    • Hi, Thank you for the ratings and feedback. Please check #37 #38, and if you would like to see more versions please let me know. Thanks, Dana

  • Hello CH , check out #34. please ratings are welcome so I can upload more designs for you , also eliminate the unwanted entry so I can submit some new ones.
  • It looks good. Can you try to make the OST font design less complicated - something simpler should do the trick. Thanks
  • What about my entries #2 . Font or colors ?? Thanks
    • The logo and text look good, the blue colour is actually more purple than blue. Can you try to change it to a more muted blue? Thanks

  • I like the word part of the logo. The image looks too "playful" - can you think about replacing it? Maybe with something more linear rather than "bubbly"? Thanks
    • thank you for the feedback and the rating , I'll do my best. cheers.

  • Thanks. Can you please try changing around the blue and grey shading between OST and Capital (so grey first for OST, and then blue for Capital). Thanks
    • We can try swapping the color, but the logo look weak (text only) just from my view. Please check #116 and #117.

    • Hi CH, I submitted new idea for your logo, please have a look #140 and #141. Thanks.

  • Dear CH, please check my design blue for Capital & Grey for OST. i think OST blue color is fine mean 1st one
  • Dear CH, please check my new design i hope you like my new idea thanks
  • One more thing: you were right that the lighter grey looks better, as per your first entry. Can you please revert to that. Thanks