Our company name is TB Moving (relocation service). We are providing moving services in NY.

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Winning design #813 by brandchita_ru, Logo Design for Our company name  is TB Moving (relocation service). We are providing moving services in NY. Contest
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designed by brandchita_ru

Project description

Our company name is TB Moving (relocation service). We are providing moving services in NY.

We would like to rebrand our company logo. Our main concern is two letters TB. In a future TB will be used as Brand for additional services from our company like TB storage, TB supplies.

We want a cool abstract logo, like Tesla, where we can just place it and people know what is this.

See attached our current design.

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  • The black squares represents the boxes for storage or moving and blue arrows are the paths...I think you don't need letters TB because I don't know how many people know what they stand for... but I think you need an emblem,a symbol not to complicated just simple,so customers and potential customers should see it ones and remember it.I know that you want something cool but there are some principles and rules in logo design for example use max of 3 fonts and colors and the most important not using gradients because you'll have problems in printing the logo like on t-shirt because they use ink(screen printing) or sublimation which is a complex process for printing and transfer.Hope you''ll find what you looking for.Cheers! #957
  • Hi! I've reflected letter ''N'' to show up the change(like moving) and its also an eye caching element,the lines in between T and B also represents stairs and shelving unit.Please mind that I ve done a W&B logo to show how it will look as a simple element to a package or letter.Sorry I don't do mock ups unless it's necessary .Cheers! #953
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  • I choose the lines to symbolize the streets, demonstrate the idea of ​​movement . The circle represents the dynamism as the service is provided, maintaining the standard of the proposed color. Hope you like! Please feedback, Thanks! #937
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