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Winning design #50 by JonG303, Logo Design for Our Internet Entertainment Startup Needs a Logo! Contest
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designed by JonG303

Project description

We need a logo -- we're looking for a "coat of arms," but with a thoroughly modern and rock-and-roll feel to it -- think medieval romance meets post-modern industrial, with a dash of heavy metal. It should have the word "Stormglass Protocol" incorporated into the image. We welcome your creative ideas! Here are some images we like: http://media.vector4free.com/_images/vectors/normal/31.jpg http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs10/f/2006/325/4/1/Coat_of_Arms_by_Kyle_moz.jpg http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110804212944/logopedia/images/d/d1/Guns_n_roses_logo_2.gif

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  • I took the guatars off. so hope you like it. Let me know what your guys think
  • About #11 Tried to go for the classic coat of arms, and the fact that the game is crime based. Sorry for size
  • Love the feel if this -- could you revise to make it a bit more like a traditional coat of arms?
  • my entry in most modern shield we getting out of the ordinary simplifying the image of the skull, any questions and comments I am at your service.
  • Ok I am sorry about 25 so I redid and drew my own. I hope this is ok I am still learning
  • Hi, here is another version where the banner is symmetrical. If you would like to see more or less "grunge" or more background elements please let me know. Thanks!
  • you are not allowed to use clipart in logo contests the clipart you used is found here http://sf.funcheap.com/hostelling-internationals-world-travel-101-santa-clara/globe-map-wallpapers_5921_16001/
  • Hi CH: This logo is made up of all completely original artwork (which avoids a clip art feel) and the logo is therefore completely editable. I included a stylized globe in the center of the shield as you had suggested in earlier comments. I look forward to your feedback; I hope this is in line with what you are looking for! -lperwas
  • Could we try replacing the face in the center with a stylized image of the globe/earth?
  • We'd like to remove the guns -- perhaps replace with stylized shapes?
  • Could we try a version with the skull replaced by a similarly styled interpretation of the globe / earth?
  • We like the style but we'd prefer it not to include guns
  • Please read the brief
  • Love this! Would love to see more variants
  • No backgrounds allowed. Have not given you an infraction because you mentioned this in the comments. Thanks
  • Wanted to offer a cleaner version of #44 & #43 depending on what you are looking for. Couple font variations also.
  • accidentally added PNG with transparent background) see #42 thanks!
  • clipart is not allowed, also ALL logos are required to be completely vector files and 10% your own work http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/our-internet-entertainment-startup-needs-a-logo/entry/5/report
  • You are require to create the logo design yourself, you can't use the punisher skull. The skul you make has to to be your own creation because it will cause copyright problems for the contest holder
  • Dear Administrator, Could you tell me what exactly is wrong with this design? Because from how i understand this "third party" thing its skull and guns. Am i right or were is more? Please write back as soon as possible. Thank you