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Winning design #56 by ClaunchDesign, Logo Design for Our LASERS for Education Company needs an engaging, innovative Logo Contest
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designed by ClaunchDesign

Project description

The word LASER is an acronym: Light Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Towne is a reference to Charles Townes, one of the creators of the LASER. LASERS were invented 50 years ago - at the time, there was no use for them. Now, they are behind all kinds of everyday technology as well as many of the advancements we'll be seeing in the near future in fields such as medicine, communication and aerospace. We want something very techy/geeky without being intimidating - Engaging, Innovative and Safe - that's what it should say.

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  • Just noticed minor mistake at the right side of the starburst. Will fix and resubmit.
  • DESIGNERS -> please use the comment box ONLY to explain your concept. Nothing else! Thank you - DC Staff
  • one design only in an entry, no variations in color,size or font, just one design only
  • I am overwhelmed with appreciation for all of your work. Thank You!!!!
  • reminds me of eeeeva in wall-e
  • About #90 and #91 Thank you very much. New colors. Best regards, Andrés.
  • Hi Ch, I have submitted #81 #82 #83 #84 #87 #88 #89 with examples ranging from high to low visual effects. Hope you like, I can change effects, colors as you wish. Also I didn't have time to fine tune the light beam which I will do if you pick my designs.
  • About #80 Hopefully #80 is appropiate for your company. Best regards, Andrés.
  • This logo design shows that you have laser industry under control, the hands also displays safety while modern font displays innovation.
  • tempted to give it the awesome tagline "exciting new technology for boring old jobs" from your brief, but that might not look too professional :)
  • A unique, recognizable design depicting the beam of a laser cutting through the text.
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder. I hid your other entries so no infractions will occur for those, you can resubmit your designs with no background. Also not when you upload a transparent png the background will turn black. so If you want to upload a png be sure to put a white background behind the design
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • can i see this with laser in green please?
  • I used symbols to represent what each of the letters in the acronym "LASER" stand for. Seeing as the company deals with lasers in an educational environment, I thought it was appropriate to include an educational aspect in the logo.
  • About #21 Conceptual first design
  • this is "write with laser" concept
  • Combining the "L" and the "T" together in one unique logo.