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Winning design #312 by DjinCo, Logo Design for Our new Global Payment System needs a new logo! Contest
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designed by DjinCo

Project description

We are launching a new service which will enable exporter to received payment for their used vehicles from overseas buyer via our global payment service. By using this service our exporter clients will not incur any bank transaction fees while still being able to enjoy very competitive foreign exchange rates. For buyers of used vehicles from Japan who are based overseas the benefit will be being able to use a trusted party to make payments to the seller (who in most cases they have never met) through a trusted provider whilst also enjoying wholesale foreign exchange rates. We want a logo that will project trust, confidence and credibility as this will be our biggest barrier. We also want to express somehow that our payment system is the leading edge in global payment services and something that buyer and sellers must be a part of.... a new way of doing business. We are going to call this new service "Zero". The Zero is referring to the zero fees for exporter who are our initial target market. We haven't thought of a "buy line" but something along the lines of "your trusted partners in global payment services"... if you can think of something better please have a go! We are also thinking of this buy line "Zero, gets you more".

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  • Only one design allowed per entry. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/our-new-global-payment-system-needs-a-new-logo/entry/62/report
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  • ATL
    Looks good, can you do the whole ZERO the same way as the "o"? But a little toned down?
  • I made #112 more dynamic, remember color blue reflects trust according to color psicology, that's why i used it on the logo.
  • Hi ATL, nice service you're launching at your company. I would like to hear your feedback about #111 and #109 please!, i hope you like them.
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contestholder
  • no backgrounds allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • Dear ATL I hope I've undestand you, now the "0" is big as the letter "o" in #71 and done the whole ZERO as the "0" in #78 Thank you for the advice!
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contestholder
  • To CH, Thanks for the feed back... i have repair #101 as your advise in #169 With Regards
  • Hello CH, Thanks for the feed back about my entry #29, I will work on a blue variation of this design as second draft. May I ask if there are any other revisions or suggestions you would like to add before before I submit the second draft. With Regards.
  • CH: ATL My first submission. Simple and clean. '0' at the end of 'ZERO' represents a few things. First the different colors work as latitude lines giving the viewer a global feel. It works also as a set of parenthesis with 'nothing' in between them and lastly as a literal 0. I hope you like this. Your feedback so far is great, and any on my design would be greatly appreciated.
  • Dear CH, The previous version realy didn't work. I decided to totaly change concept and tecnique. #151 is the result and is open to many changes.
  • "About #21 Can you make in navy blue? With the tag line "gets you more, Global Payment Service"" Hi CH, thk for the extra credit i'll send you a revision whit navy blue on the background and the text and the new tag line. about: #139
  • I have posted a blue version of the logo - with a new tag line: "Gets You More - Global Payment Service". If you want another blue color (lighter or darker - I could change it - no prob). Regarding the tag-line, if you want another tag-line or the way it is now presented it's not OK - I'll changed it too. Best!
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/our-new-global-payment-system-needs-a-new-logo/entry/110/report
  • I already inserted the new tagline on #8...Have a nice day