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Winning design #40 by PinkCherryGD, Logo Design for OUTTALINEagain  fishing team Contest
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designed by PinkCherryGD

Project description

I am looking for a logo design to place on Business Cards & T-Shirts, and for a website in the future. It is for a competitive Salmon fishing team based out of Lake Erie & Lake Ontario. The team name is Outtaline Again Fishing Team. I would like to see Outtaline as the mostdominant word in the name, and Again and Fishing Team as Secondary words. I am open to your suggestions would love to see a fish, fishing rod/reel, boat, anything fishing related incorporated in but am really open to your creativity. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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  • I really like this one!!! Great job!! Just a thought. Could I see a couple changes 1st. I would like to see what it looks like with it saying OUTTALINEagain Sport fishing instead of OUTTALINEagain fishing team and would like see what "sport fishing" looks like in fluorescent green!!! But keep the font as it is. 2nd. I would like to see what the fish looks like if it was rotated to the left a bit. Not completely horizontal. But maybe half way!! Thanks you so much for your efforts.
  • i would like to see a bunch more entrys from other designers because im not sure what i really want! if it catches my eyes but would like to see some changes i will give some feed back!! thank you for you interest in OUTTALINE again
    • Thank you! Sorry i did not mean to sound "pushy". I have entered a new image #18

  • HI Cassia, I like where your going with your logo's just please note it is 'Outtaline' NOT 'Outline'
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      chuck wrote:
      HI Cassia, I like where your going with your logo's just please note it is 'Outtaline' NOT 'Outline'
      |--| Sorry, Chuck! Sorry! Now I think that is correct! Best regards.

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      Cassia wrote:
      Sorry, Chuck! Sorry! Now I think that is correct! Best regards.
      |--| Ohhhhhh, no! Is still wrong! Please delete entries. Thanks.

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      Cassia wrote:
      Ohhhhhh, no! Is still wrong! Please delete entries. Thanks.
      |--| Hy, Chuck I would try to improve the image of the fish. What is the most popular species of salmon in your region? Thanks.

    • They are generally called King Salmon or Chinook Salmon. Thanks

  • online under` fishing team logo` there was a similar contest on this site run for ``NET PROFIT`` if designers could search the web for this it may help with my vision I really like logo numbers 325 and 80 if you can check this out for a starting point of what i may want thanks
  • thank you for your changes!! can we try having the fisherman standing on the 'O' of outtaline and maybe make the fish alot smaller so the fish could be moved somewhere else in the logo and the fishermans line can be shorter, also maybe try a different font for "fishing team"!! thank you very much for your entry
  • Hi Chuck, i have entered #5 , would love to have some feedback. Thank you!
    • Hi Chuck, could i also please get some Feedback? Thank you

  • Claire I like this design too. Would it be possible to have the 'again' come to the top line in lowercase letters with OUTTALINE. And maybe removing the boat and just having the fisherman sitting on top of the `n`from again with his fishing rod in his hand
    • Hi Chuck - again it won't let me upload any more ideas - can we do anything about this?

    • I'm not sure y it won't let you upload more ideas!!

  • Please do not use clipart or any other 3rd part image in logo contest; source: http://static8.depositphotos.com/1001633/879/v/950/depositphotos_8791459-Fisherman-silhouette.jpg
  • Claire, Can we make 'again' as lower case and a smaller font. Also I will be printing this on a black shirt and I think the blue will be too dark to show up properly. Could we try it in a lighter colour?
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      chuck wrote:
      Claire, Can we make 'again' as lower case and a smaller font. Also I will be printing this on a black shirt and I think the blue will be too dark to show up properly. Could we try it in a lighter colour?
      |--| I chuck - I've already uploaded 3 - designcontent won't let me upload a new version? what can we do?

  • Also Claire would it be possible to see it with the 'again' on the same line as Outtaline, and 'fishing team' in another colour like flouresant green on the bottom line?
    • sorry!! I hope you love the last one I uploaded for you! x

  • Hi Claire, You have the same problem as Cissia did the name is Outtaline not Outline. Thanks
  • Could you make some changes for me!!! This is my thought from your entry!!! I like the lettering you selected but would like to see OUTTALINE again in a fading blue!! Maybe the same fading blue you selected for the background!!! And Fishing team in fading fluorescent green!! maybe get rid of the boat!!! I will be printing the logo mainly on All black and all grey shirts so would like to see what the logo looks like on both of those overall background!! Thanks in advance
  • Thanks for the entry VanPixel, My team name is`OUTTALINEagain` so that need to be on the same line, and `fishing team` somewhere else in the logo! i would like too see a fish or fishing rod kinda shapes in the logo!
  • Can you give me a feedback on my work #55 ? Thank you
  • About #44 #45 #46 #47 Hello Ch, here is my first proposals open for your critique or any revisions. Thank You
  • the logo on the black back groung is perfect!! This logo is going to be printed on All black and all gray shirts so i would like to see it on a grey background if thats possible!! on your #38 i like bottom one best but i need it to look exactly the same as the Black version of your #28!!so in short here is my thoughts!! 1st i would like to see your next submission just like #28 except one on black background and other on Grey background! (not White background) Black background logo on #28 is perfect so no changes there!! on the grey background one use the lower version that you submitted on #38 except remove Green from around "again" and adjust the fishing line coming from the fishes mouth to look the same as your #28 Thanks you for all your changes you are in the lead so far!!
    • wahoooooo :) thank you , so happy you like it! Have done the changes :)

  • I am liking this logo. Would it be possible to see Outtaline and the Rod outlined in the silver/grey colour? Also maybe we some line guides (little rod loops) on the bottom of the rod?
  • With the black background it looks great!! But with the white Background i think maybe OUTTALINE needs to be out lined in black and also the line coming out of the fishes mouth needs to be black. So that it pops a bit more. Great job thank you.
    • Sorry, i have not been able to reply to any messages, there was some issue with it. Happy that you like the design. I also thought the black outline will make it stand out more. Will do the changes and submit shortly :) Thank you

    • I have submitted the changed design. The one has a light silver/grey lining around and the other only the black :)

  • I'm sorry but I'm not liking anything about them!! I don't mean to be rude,just being straight up is all. I would likr to see a totally different design from you. Thanks for your interest
    • Oh, that's unfortunate for me. Still, thank You for your feedback and being straight up with me. I have submitted another entry #37. I am hoping this could be on right track. Kind regards.

  • Thank you for your entry. I have a couple designs on here I like!! I find your logo very similar!! I would really like some more variety from other designers with there own ideas so I have more of a variety!!!something totally different. Different colors, different fonts, just straight up right from the designers imagination!! Thanks for your Interest