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Winning design #99 by Bloom, Logo Design for OZriflescope Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Bloom

Project description

OZhut is an online retailer that sells lifestyle products through our family of specialised and niche product stores. We are planning to launch a new store that specialised in selling riflescope. We need a logo based around the word: ozriflescope to launch our new website: ozriflescope.com.au. You can view our family of stores at: www.ozhut.com.au. We are looking for something simple and vibrant, projecting an image of quality, unique and specialised store.

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  • We like the look of your design however we would like to see some variation. The look we get from the use of font is good and the use of clean lines and shapes. However, we would like OZRiflescopes rather than ZRiflescopes with the O around the Z, just to make it more legible.
    • About #67 Thanks the feedback. I make a new design. What do you think ?

  • We like the concept of your design. However we would like to see your design more simplified and sophisticated. Perhaps without the overlap of the O or something. The design looks too much like something for car racing rather than hunting. We would like to see you develop your design further.
  • Out of the three you have submitted, we prefer the positioning of this design. We would like to see you develop this further. We like how clean your design is however we'd like the design to look more dominant and sophisticated.
  • We like the concept of your design and your simple use of line and shape. We like how it appears modern yet clean and professional. Could we please see some variation with this design? I would like to see how far you can take this. This applies to your #7 design as well.
  • Quite similar concept to our current logo on our website: ozriflescopes.com.au. Your version can be considered an improved version. I like the simplicity of the design. This can be developed further. Or you may want to come up with a totally different concept but maintain that simple and clean design.
  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contests.Source:http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ZLSaknSvASo/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAOg/tjNXF_aTKFE/s512-c/photo.jpg_http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/ozriflescope/entry/1/report/
  • I just submitted #7 and #8, these are strong clean images for your company. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Thanks!!
  • Correction: our logo word should be in plural: ozriflescopes instead of ozriflescope. Our new website site should be: ozriflescopes.com.au
  • I submitted #32 #33 #34 as revisions of my designs. Is there a direction that you prefer for me to continue in? Thanks for the feedback it helps alot!!
    • Please refer to our comment About #34. I would also like to add that you should adjust the previous design by looking at the proportion, between the circle and the rectangle. You do not want to restrict you adjustment based on my suggestion. I am very much like you to come up with something instead of just follow exactly what we want.

  • We would like to see this design altered to look more simple and strong. We like the boldness of OZ and would like riflescopes to be one font.
    • Hello, CH. #61 and #62 is a revision of this. Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Thank you! :)

  • Hello, I submitted #54 #55 #56 #59 as revisions based on my original design. #54 used a different font. Please let me know your thoughts on these I appreciate all your feedback! Thanks!!
  • We like your layout and font which is clean and modern. But we could not relate your concept to a riflescope.
    • Thanks for your feedback - I am unable to submit more revisions until you rate my current entries I think, I have a limit of 3 at the moment. I will make it more related to a riflescope when I am able to submit another design. Thanks, Bloom

  • Your symbol has improved but you want to remove the OZ. But then where you are going to put the OZ? You need to review your design, perhaps using more straight and modern font. Please also play with more striking colour.
  • Slightly better design than your previous one. But I kind of link your design to more like a church symbol. You want to revise more than just the OZ if you want to be in the running.
  • Not really hit the mark in terms of the riflescopes. O and a Square does not look like a riflescope to me. You want to radically revise your design
  • Hello, CH! Please review entries #14 and #15. Thank you! :)
    • Please refer to my comment About #14

  • OZ is too complicated. We don't like the underline which is too old fashion. I am looking at something simple yet modern and bold. You symbol looks a bit old fashion to us.
  • Clean and simple design which is a plus. But not sophisticated enough.
  • Good concept and layout with nice and clean font. But not hitting the riflescope mark.
  • We like your concept. But this looks more like a binoculars concept.