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Winning design #129 by goranjt, Logo Design for Pacific Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by goranjt

Project description

Create logo design for a new brand - "VitaAmerica", intended for entire lines of dietary supplement products covering various categories (i.e. beauty, immune support, bone support, etc.) and all population (women, men, seniors, and kids)

Designer has the flexibility to elect color (no more than 3 pantone colors), font, style, and incorporate additional graphic/image for an unique, professional, healthcare product look that represents quality and healthy life style. "VitaAmerica" should be in one line (i.e. not separated top and bottom).

The winner of the contest will be invited to create the package labels of entire "VitaAmerica" range of products (over 60 labels) for additional amount of compensation. 

From the designers, we would like to see the logo itself, as well as visualization on dietary supplement bottle.

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  • A logo needs to be original and memorable for the greatest impact. #247
  • A logo needs to be original and memorable for the greatest impact. #246
  • A logo needs to be original and memorable for the greatest impact. #244
  • VitaAmerica #243
  • @nisha_li Hi, this is the other version of my design, thank you. #222
  • Hello, I've noticed that you have two competitions for the family of brands, I think we should use the same design concept with different colors for distiguir the product you that you think?

    Annex example

  • Lifeline #190
  • Lifeline #189
  • Hi CH, Here's my design for your logo #185 hope you like it. thanks
  • V & A kindly feedback. #184
  • Please check,, i hope you like it
    Thanks #175
  • New Logo Design. Please Provide Feedback/Suggestions... Thankyou #156
  • fyut #155
  • Like the drawing but overall logo has too much red color. Need distinction between "VITA" and "AMERICA" #120
    • About #120, @nisha_li thanks i'll try to improve it

  • @nisha_li Hi, the icon is represent for "VA" and shape like a lean body, hope you like it, thank you. #144
  • dietary supplement products #136
  • Good overall design. Vita and America should be a litter closer. Would like to see the V and leafs be modified. Leafs are frequently used and need to unique to stand out. Otherwise can replace with something else that represent quality dietary supplement promoting healthy life style. #110
    • About #110, @nisha_li Thankyou for the feedback. I will start working on updating the design as per your feedback.

  • logo design #135
  • logo design #134
  • Like the general concept. Font type should be less playful. Want the overall feeling to represent quality product promoting good health. Please create more symbolism on top of the v image. #123
    • About #123, @nisha_li    Thank you so much for you feedback.  I submitted a revision #133.  Look forward to your thoughts.